Friday, March 25, 2011

Is It Because He's Black?

Is it because he's black? That's the question Whoopi Goldberg snapped off when Donald Trump questioned Barack Obama's birth cetificate on "The View". Well that is really my question for her as well as every other race baiter that defends Obama through race baiting, Is it because he's black? Is because he's black that we as the American public dare not ever question the President? Is it because he's black that it has become "Unpatriotic" to dissent? Is it because he's black that the media attacks everyone that disagrees with him as a racist?

As far as the birth certificate goes, I tend to agree with Trump. Obama is obvouisly hiding something he doesn't want people to see. I have no idea what it is but there has to be something or he would have just released the darn thing. I tend to believe that the long form birth certificate will not squash the birth rights questions, but that is beside the point. The point is that the left questioned John McCain legitimacy because he was not born in the US. In fact John McCain was born in a foreign territory. The left went to court where a court ruled that because he was affiliated with the military when born that indeed McCain was a natural born citizen. Now if the left was willing to go to court to have John McCain's legitimacy why not require Obama to release his long form birth certificate for authentication? Why would we want to lower the bar for one person because of race but not the other?

In America we are a land of laws. Unlike Eric Holder that believes laws like the civil rights were enacted for a particular race, I believe they were designed for all people. See racism is not unilateral or one way. There are people of all races that have racists views towards others. What the black panthers did as far as voter intimidation in Philadelphia is unacceptable in our society. When Holder said that he would only enforce the bullying laws when it was a black person involved because he would only enforce the law based upon what the civil rights laws were established to protect is wrong headed. The civil rights laws may have been enacted based on race but they were enacted to protect all races and not just one. In other words the protection says we can't make decisions based upon race period, rather than the myoptic view of a particular race.

Of course the answer to Whoopi's question "Is it because he's balck? is yes. Yes the American left does expect we treat Obama with kid gloves because he's black. Yes as Americans we are supposed to lower the bar for Obama because he's black. Yes the left doesn't want to answer any tough questions concerning Obama because he's black. I wonder who is worse those that are openly racist or those that hide behind race to lower the bar and become the race baiters? The race baiters are racist in their own ways but they are not open about it. Discrimination or denying things based on race isn't right, but neither is giving something based on race. Yes Whoopi, I do believe you are a racist. Yes Whoopi, I do believe you want to lower the bar for Obama. And Yes Whoopi, I do believe you do this because he's black.

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