Monday, March 14, 2011

Gun Control? Where'd this come from?

Yesterday Obama penned an Op-Ed that appeared in the Arizona Daily Star. The Op-Ed was a push for gun control, common sense gun control according to Obama. Really, is this the most pressing issue facing this President? Nothing else could warrant the attention of the President than gun control? This untimely piece would have better served the President 45 days ago following the events of the tragic Tucson shootings. Instead Obama floats his anti-gun rhetoric pushing for further government intervention in the daily lives of freedom loving Americans. It really must have been a slow day in the oval office.

The Op-Ed piece was not much more than a bunch of lies surrounded by an urging for decent people to give up some of the liberties for the sake of safety. Obama's claim that judgment was withheld and no one pointed fingers at anyone else in the aftermath of the shootings is a bold faced lie. Sheriff Dupnik almost immediately began blaming Sarah Palin. This was followed by the media pushing the meme that right wing rhetoric caused the tragic shootings. What we needed was more civility in our politics according to the left. Of course the left blaming the right of being uncivil and the cause of the incident was not pointing fingers.

Yet as heart felt as Obama writes about the need for common sense gun laws, was that late response to the shooting incident in Tucson really the most important issue of the day? Yesterday Japan was fighting a losing battle to keep a Nuclear reactor from going into a meltdown. Japan was devastated by a 9.0 earthquake, followed by a ruinous tsunami. I guess Gdaffi using air power to strike down a rebellion is a back burner issue? The budget crisis and impending shutdown of the federal government can't garner a moment of this Presidents time, even if Obama wants to remain "above the fray"? Really? Mr. President, Gun control?

This is the pattern of our disengaged President. His remarks are usually late and untimely. Remember it took 3 days and three cracks to get tough on the Russians when they invaded Georgia. Remember it was Obama that deferred to Pelosi and Reid the Stimulus. As important as the stimulus was according to Obama he sat the sidelines until it was ready to be signed and even then it had to wait until he was finished with his first vacation. Remember it was Obama that deferred leadership on healthcare to The democrats in Congress. Even as it became apparent that the public was against the bill, Obama sat on the sidelines the summer of 2009 and only joined the fray once the unconstitutional healthcare bill had to be passed through budget reconciliation. It was Obama who stayed far away from the economy hoping to change the economy through a false sense of "the market almost always goes up".

No it is not all that surprising that in the wake of world changing events that this President would turn to an issue that is far from Americans minds. This untimely Op-Ed is simply going to be ineffective as anyone with a heart in America was tuned into the news surrounding the tragic events in Japan. Obama is making himself and by default America irrelevant in the world today.

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