Friday, March 18, 2011

Democrats Just Don't Get It

The Democrats just don't get it. The problem is that every so called government program helps somebody but doesn't necessarily help the country as a whole. The Democrats are found of straw man arguments and and anecdotal evidence. The democrats are great at arguing "wouldn't it be nice if Mr. and Mrs. Smith received some government asisstance to improve their lives? The answer of course is yes it would be nice, then the Democrats move towards the let the government provide it then. The government has never been the "be all, end all". The governnment should not be in the business of funding frivilous activities just because one individual would be helped. No, Government should be there to provide a helping hand and not a handout.

Reid's argument that the would be no cowboy poet festival in Northern Nevada is a prime example of the Democrats not realizing how ridiculous they are. Sure some local community is helped by the government funding cowboy poets, but that is not the question. The question is "How does that help American society?", and the answer to that is that it does not. Why does the government pour millions down the drain on the National Endowment of the Arts? Sure it helps some no name artist have a chance but should the government be funding the dreams of the individuals at the expense of everyone else? Why do we fund National Public Radio and National Public Stations? Both organizations are admittedly one sided in the bias approach to newscasting yet all of America must fund their biased trash. Shy should America be funding Planned Parenthood? Sure it helps out some of the poor but wouldn't it be more prudent to fund education efforts that would avoid the need for abortion in the first place?

You see the Democrats have no intention of ever cutting spending or reducing the deficits. The democrats would rather see America fail than admit that their elitist GAIA utopian beliefs are unrealistic and an absolute failure. Rather than believe that helping someone is good, the democrats believe that giving to the needy is better. Why one might ask, especillay in light of the liberal axiom "it is better to teach someone to fish, than to give that person a fish". Why, well the answer is simple, the Democrats are only in this for the power; they don't even really belive in the trash they spin. The democrats want a society dependent upon them, the power brokers, the government elite. When a majority of the people are dependent on government handouts, the Demcorats will then become a permannent majority and America will fall into the dust bin of history. Americans understand that we can not continue down the path of fiscal irresponsibility. We understand that the Demcorats are bankrupting our nation. We understand that government is not supposed to be the "be all, end all rather it is supposed to provide a safety net for those that may have fallen and need a helping hand. Americans are most generous in our charitable ways, but Americans despise freeloaders. Americasn want to help those in need that are willing to also help themselves. The Democrats need to be honest with the American people and admit their utopian ideals are not based in reality and will be the downfall of the greatest Nation on Earth.

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