Sunday, February 20, 2011

Will Obama Shut The Government Down?

Obama and the Democrats seem intent on shutting the government down. From Obama's increased spending in his budget submission to Nancy Pelosi and her statement saying a government shutdown seems inevitable. Now the media seems to be playing right along with the Democrat led shutdown by claiming it is the GOP that is intent on shutting the government down. The real issue is that elections have consequences and the Democrats are intent on ignoring the election just like they ignored the public when passing Obamacare.

The Democrats do not want to cut any spending. Sure Obama proposed freezing government spending and somehow claims that as a cut. A spending freeze at historic levels of spending is not cutting the budget. Ignoring the fact that interest on debt is an obligation and will further increase the deficits run by the spendthrifts. The bottom line is we have had trillion dollar deficits for the past two years and will have trillion dollar deficits for at least the next year or two. This is unsustainable but the cowards in the Democratic party don't want to be serious about cutting spending. In fact, Obama and his campaign arm in coordination with the DNC are backing illegal wildcat strikes by the teachers union in Wisconsin even though Gov Walker is cutting spending and balancing a budget. Now let there be no doubt the media will bak Obama and the democrats and claim everything is the GOP's fault. Don't let them fool you.

The democrats and the media are trying to replay the 1996 election. They are getting out in front of the shutdown in an effort to keep Obama in office. Obama and the democrats are so desperate to stay in power they are willing to risk the future of America. It is the democrats that have run the ship aground. The democrats have been playing the blame game for years. The democrats are more than willing to shut the government down in the name of politics. Don't let them fool anyone. The GOP must stick to their guns and force the administration to cut something. If the administration is going to play politics then let them. Speak through the people and let the democrats know that we the people understand that it is the democrats that are intent on shutting the government down. It is the GOP that is at least willing to admit that spending cuts are necessary in order to save this country. We are on the brink of bankruptcy. The democrats have leveraged the country into ruins. All Americans must understand that there is nothing left to mortgage. It is not just the Federal government that is broke, but also States like California, Illinois, New Jersey, Michigan, and Texas that are bankrupt. All of the aforementioned states with the exception of Texas have the same things in common: Democrats run the States for years and democrats mortgaged our future. I say call Obama's bluff. Obama is a coward and doesn't have the intestinal fortitude to shut the government down.

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