Sunday, February 20, 2011

Fire Them All

The teachers union in Wisconsin has taken the future of the State and the country hostage. The teachers need to be fired. The actions the teachers have taken is not the example that parents should want for their children. The teachers have shown that getting fake doctor notes is fine. The teachers have shown our children that it is OK to lie. The teachers have taken the uncivilized approach to protests. This is not what I want my children to be learning.

Think about it. The teachers called in sick with fake illnesses to get out of work. The teachers invited the students to protest with them on the capitol steps. The teachers were carrying hateful signs equating Scott Walker with Hitler.

Is this the civility the left talked about after the Gifford shooting? Or how about the fake doctor notes?

Our teachers have failed in the most basic of tenets. The Nations test scores in reading, writing, and arithmetic have stagnated. What was the response from teachers? They decided to change their tenets and start teaching social skills. They taught political correctness. They taught sex education. Is this what we want our teachers teaching? Are the teachers the ones that should be teaching our children morality? After the latest actions by teachers I say hell no. I don't want these morally corrupt anywhere near my children. These teachers have lied, cheated, and stole. They lied about be sick. They cheated by obtaining bogus doctor notes. Finally, they have stolen the students education by being fraudulently absent for the past week.

These same teachers that can't teach reading, writing, and arithmetic, are now clamoring for developing social skills and political expenses. Yet their actions show that they should be no where near our children. I surely can't support a teacher or an organization that would demonstrate to our children that it is ok to lie, cheat by getting bogus doctor notes, and steal from those they are supposed to be teaching. These teachers have no values and should all be fired.

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