Saturday, January 22, 2011

Where Is the Mandate For Car Insurance?

The left loves to use car insurance as there example of why the government can force people to buy an insurance product. Please someone tell where the individual mandate to buy car insurance has been enacted. As far as I know it is only mandatory to have car insurance if one has a car. Car insurance isn't needed to get a drivers license. Nope car insurance is only needed to register a car. So there is no individual mandate to have car insurance. There is however a car mandate. Every car in order to be registered must be insured.

So how is this the same as having health insurance mandatory? Being born no constitutes a liability to purchase a specific product. Instead of having the freedom to make individual and family decisions the idiot left will decide how we can spend our hard earned dollars. Is this what the unemployed left doe all day? Do they sit back and think of ways of redistributing more productive members of society's wealth? Bill Maher believes it is mandatory to have car insurance but not mandatory to by a car. Many left leaning idiots are buying into the analogy to product the individual mandate. Sorry but car insurance is a mandate on cars while the health insurance mandate is a mandate on individuals. Try again Bill but your analogy is comparing apples to oranges and only left leaning loons will believe you.

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