Thursday, January 13, 2011

True Colors

The pathetic pawns of the left wing rags have really shown their true colors. Since Saturday the pathetic pawns set out to do two things: (1) demonize Sarah Palin for sighting in on Congressional districts that were takeover targets including Giffoeds district and (2) make this into a Oklahoma City moment for Obama. Both had to respond to the media. Palin had to defend herself against the baseless attacks, while Obama just had to act Presidential. Today the media said Obama won. I would say the pundits and liberal media missed the point of both responses.

First, Obama just had to act Presidential. The media had already provided him with a perch. There glorified Obama and wrote praising words for the President. The media all but wrote what Obama had to say in order to soothe a Nations feelings. Obama did a good job of not politicizing his remarks at the memorial service. Obama did act Presidential and had a perch to deliver a speech that denounced hate rhetoric. Not hard for anyone really. It is Obama's job to bring the country together after a National tragedy. While the press is raising Obama to lofty levels for his excellent prose at the memorial service, they also compare that to the defense Palin made of herself.

Palin had a much different task to complete. Obama's was to provide healing words while being praised by the media. Palin had to defend herself against baseless attacks by the media. Palin did a good job of defending herself and told the media to stop the blood libel. Yes the media used the blood of the victims to fraudulently attack Palin and other conservative personalities. Palin was placed in a no win situation. Had she come out wioth healing words, the media would have portrayed that as an admission of at least some guilt. Palin came out defensively and called the media on there baseless and fear filled fraudulent and libelous claims. Palin did an excellent job of defending herself and turning the blame onto the pathetic pawns.

The pathetic pawns then attacked her for injecting herself into the storylines. I am sorry but it was the media that injected Palin into the storyline. The media attacked Palin for her sight picture map but remained mum to the targets the Moulitsas had 2 years earlier. The media attacked the right and Rush Limbaugh for raising the rhetoric level but forget it was the President himself that said if they bring a knife we bring a gun.

The bottom line is both the President and Palin accomplished what they were forced to do. Obama spoke as the President of a singular Nation. Palin defended herself admirably while under constant attack by the pathetic pawns. Both Obama and Palin have shown that they are better then the pathetic pawns will ever be.

If there ever was a question of which political side the pathetic pawns were on there should be none now. The pathetic pawns have shown their true colors. The pathetic pawns have shown that they are nothing more than left wing cheerleaders. The pathetic pawns just don't have enough inteligence to understand what the American people have been saying. They missed the point of both Palin and Obama in this instance, this missed the message of the 2010 elections, they missed the message of the 2006 and 2008 elections, and they missed the point of the 2000 and 2004 elections. It is high time to shoot the messenger because the pathetic pawns haven't been getting the message out.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, the Pathetic Pawns understand what the American People have been saying all right. They simply consider it their job to "enlighten" us with their annointed vision.