Friday, January 14, 2011

Too Lazy to Check, Too Stupid to Care

Little Green Footballs is factually incorrect. LGF decided to use the polifact website to smear Michelle Malkin. Too bad Charles was to lazy to check and too stupid to care. Why one might ask? Well because what Michelle said is factually correct while Polifact was wrong. Charles in his zest to impeach the right didn't bother himself to do anything other than push the left wing meme. Here are some facts.

First of all Michelle Malkin thought and opined that she believed the Obama administration had something to do with the T-Shirts provided at the Tucson memorial service. The Obama administration denied the allegation of politicizing the event and Polifact took the administration at its word. However, it seems the slogan on the shirt was taken directly from Obama's 2008 campaign arm Organizing for Obama. Just a little checking and miraculously there seems to be a connection. Of course the zealots on LGF will ask where the proof is that the administration was involved. The left will refuse to admit that Obama politicized the event and made it more of a pep rally than a memorial service. The left did the same thing at the Paul Wellstone memorial service just a short eight years ago. The left can't help themselves, they politicize everything and then blame everyone else for the woes.

The slogan coming from Obama's campaign arm shows a direct connection between the administration and the tacky and inappropriate T-shirt campaign style memorial service, at least by a preponderance of the evidence. Now I tried to let Charles know that his storyline was incorrect but of course he blocked my account just because I disagreed with him and some of the zealots on his site the other day. Really though it doesn't matter, the left wing zealots are out for blood and will outright lie to save their meme that a left wing lunatic was really lead to atrocities by the right. Too bad youi didn't bother to check Charles because many others have.

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Anonymous said...

They always do this. As a leftist once told me, EVERYTHING is political.