Monday, January 24, 2011

Odd Lack Of Documentation

The year started off good with the new Governor of New Mexico once and for all pledging to dispel all rumors of Obama's birth. As the search began Governor Abercrombie started in good faith to find the long form birth certificate. Abercrombie than stated that he had seen the documents in the archives but never was able to state he had in fact seen the long form birth certificate. In the end Abercrombie came out and said he was barred by state law from releasing Obama's long form birth certificate.

From the beginning circa 2008 of this search for Obama's birth records we the people learned that Obama's birth certifcate could not be released without Obama's permission. Yet in 2011, Abercrombie promises to find and produce a birth certificate only to find out he can't really produce the certificate for public consumption. It seems very fishy that Abercrombie would announce to the world that he was going to once and for all close the book on the Obama natural born citizen question by producing the birth records, and after exhaustive search simple says that by Hawaii law he can't produce the document. This bears a couple of questions "Why won't Obama himself dispel the rumors?" and What is Obaam hiding that he refuses to put this behind him?"

First of all, don't buy into the twisted logic of Obama's ardent supporters. The Obamabots will always say it is ridiculous to believe Obama wasn't born in America because his mother would have had to of known he would one day be President. That logic by itself is ridiculous. Does the left really believe that the only reason to have a birth certificate stating a child was born in the US is to become President? We all know by the immigration debate and the debate over the anchor babies having natural born status that there are many reasons for being an American citizen at birth besides being president. Being a citizen of the US brings benefits to the citizen. The birth certificate provides documentation required to obtain work, attend schools, enter the military, and receive social benfits. Remember it was the 1960's. It was more important to be a citizen than an immigrant. There are many reasons why Stanley Dunham may have desired her first born son to have an American birth certificate and none of her reasons even coming close to her son being eligible for the Presidency.

Now I am not sure whether or not Obama was born in the US. If I had to guess, I would probably side with yes he was born in Hawaii. However, there is some evidence that Obama may not have been born in the US. Stanley Dunhams travels around the time of Obama's birth seem to be questionable. There is rumor that she may have been in Kenya just prior to the birth. Lets assume there is a long form birth certificate in the archives. What does it say? Does it say Obama wasn't really born in a hospital? Obama has claimed to be born in a hospital. Maybe the document says Obaam was born at home under the care of a mid wife. Home child bearing in the presence of a mid wife was more prevalent in the 1960's than it is today. If the long form doesn't show ahospital but rather he was born at home might there not be further questions? Yes, there would be more questions if the document said Obama was born at home in the presence of a mid wife. See Obama claimed to have been born in a hospital. He claimed to have seen his birth certificate and stated the Hospital he was born in. If this is found to be false, what will that tell the American people?

But lets assume Obama could produce the birth certificate and it also stated Obama was born in a hospital. Why else might Obama be withholding the document? Could it be that Obama scammed the government for some kind of scholarship as a foreign citizen? Did Obama claim something for college that required he be a foreigner? Did Obama use his credentials as being an Indonesian for something? Why, why, why, is the question of the day? Why is Obama hiding all of his past documents? Why is Obama hiding his birth certificate? Why is Abercrombie hiding behind the state law? This especially in light of promising to put this issue to bed.

I don't know why Obama is hiding his citizenship documentation. I showed minew at every request. I needed it to enter the military. I needed it to apply for passports. I need it to now obtain a drivers license. I have no problem whipping out the document and providing proof of who I am. Yet our President refuses to show his? Bottom line is Obama is hiding something. Abercrombie instead of helping Obama, just opened a can worms that simply should not be allowed to close. Here is a video of an interview from a hollywood reporter that claims Abercrombie has stated that there is no long form birth certificate. Now I don't source the accuracy of the video and am only using it to prove my point. Why in the world won't Obama just place this issue to rest?

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