Thursday, January 27, 2011

Call Obama's Bluff

The republicans need to call Obama's bluff. During the State of the Union address Obama spoke of spending the country even further into oblivion with the same old initiatives he campaigned on in 2008, infrastructure, clean energy, transportation, and education. We have all seen where that got us, another $3 trillion in debt with very little tangible evidenced it moved us further. Obama also brought out his scalpel, promising to cut programs that are not working and reduce spending. Again this is just recycled rhetoric and empty promises. Call the bluff, make Obama submit a budget that produces real cuts and reduces the deficit without gimmicks and increased taxes.

When republicans took over the house in 1994, they allowed Bill Clinton to triangulate. Instead of forcing Clinton to do something, the republicans started down the path of instituting there vision of change and tried to jam everything down the President's throat. The people did not like the unilateral changes and rebuked the republicans by voting Clinton in for a second term. The republicnas can not sit around and float ideas that the Democrats will demogogue. The republicans can't allow Obama to sit back and offer nothing and then follow the polls. Instead of floating the road map being developed by Paul Ryan force the President to get off the sidelines and make his own reccomendations. Force the debate and take the debate to Obama. Make Obama make the first move by making him submit his budget and going through the budget. Point out the increased taxes, point out the increased expenditures, and point out the unacceptably small cuts in programs he will propose. Point out that Obama is not into getting our country back on track but rather in promoting his liberal base ideology. Use Obama's own words against him, allow Harry Reid an earmark or two and then see if this Presidnet really means what he says or is he full of hot air. Prove to the American people with facts rather than rhetoric that Obama will never reduce expenditures but only increase the tax burden.

The republicans started off on the right track. They started in the house by voting for a repeal of Obamacare. They passed a house bill stating the constitution must be cited for future bills. Now is the time to move forward, move from words and empty promises towards real reform of our government. The republicans should not be leading the way towards austerity. The republicans are not the ones that should be initiating the nations dialog, that is for the Presdient to do. Make the President forward initiatives, point out the inherent flaws and then have a vigorous debate.

Obama is a master at sitting the sidelines and taking credit for the good and passing blame on the bad. The democrats paid the price of carrying Obama's water. Obama mainly sat the sidelines and the democrats in Congress took the blame for the failed stimulus. Democrats in Congress took the blame for the health care fiasco. Democrats in Congress took the blame for the failed economy. Democrats in Congress took the blame for our exploding debt. Obama is enjoying a bounce in the polls because he blamed the process, blamed Bush, blamed the right, and blamed the American people for his failures and only took credit for the initiatives that are popular.

That is what Obama intends to do over the next two years. Obama will delegate painful austerity cuts on the republicans. Obama will then campaign against them pointing out the flaws. Obama will never do anything more than talk in lofty rhetoric and continue to blame the republicans. I say call the bluff. Wait for Obama to make a move. Make Obama submit a budget. When that budget doesn't offer anything more than an explosion of debt take it to the American people. Make Obama defend his position and then offer your alternatives. Remember Bill Clinton took credit for the so called budget surplus and Bill CLinton took credit for welfare reform. Both of these initiatives were republicans ideas that were forced down Clinton's throat and he was able to capitalize on republican ideas. Don't let Obama do the same thing.

From the best I can tell the pathetic pawns in the media are claiming the meme that Obama is moving to the middle with moderate proposals. The pathetic pawns are allowing Obama to speak in generalities rahter than specific proposals. The pathetic pawns are waiting for the republicnas to make the firt move so they can hand Obama his moderate victories. Make Obama do the heavy lifting for the first time in his life. Make Obama do something rather than vote present and ride the pine. Call his bluff and when he can't come up with the goods castigate his empty promises and then push ahead with the republicnas ideals.

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Anonymous said...

Of course the Pathetic Pawns let him speak in generalitites! If he were more specific, the people would flip out. The Republicans definitely can't afford to coast on this.