Friday, September 3, 2010

When Science Becomes Religion

No two things could be more polar opposite in their foundations than science and religion. Science requires empirical data to support the hypothesis and theories. On the other hand religion requires a blind faith. Science searches for answers and promotes ideas based in fact. The facts in science can be backed up with data. Religion uses anecdotal evidence as its proof. Nothing is actually proof in religion and in fact science often goes about attempting to use science to prove or more likely disprove long held religious beliefs and blind faiths. But what happens when science becomes a religion?

All we need to do is look James Lee. Lee became consumed by his environmental beliefs. Lee took maters into his own hands and became an ECO-Terrorist after viewing "An Inconvenient Truth" and reading "My Ishmael". Lee made the environment and Global Warming his religion. I know the media only believes Lee may have taken this too far, but I believe as I believe most Americans believe that he not only took the false religion too far but that he also terroized the community. This is not just a small isolated incident of a madman but rather a cult like feeding frenzy created by the liberals and their new found religion. Any time empirical data is manipulated and changed to meet the hypothesis rather than allow the data to speak for itself is nothing more than having blind faith in ones beliefs.

When science becomes religion like it has to the ECO terrorists then science losses its credibility. Religion and Science can co-exist but we can not allow empirical science be relegated to blind faith. Scientists know this and should be speaking out against those that would manipulate the data to fit their beliefs. Just like Hurricane Earl moving up the Eastern Seaboard. Yesterday another global warming fanatic said this was caused by global warming. This even though Earl lost steam just as would have been expected. In fact it is only a category 1 storm now as it moves north over cooloer water. Yet yesterday the global warming fanatic claimed it would strengthen and as global warming took greeater effect the hurricanes would become more fierce and more common up the Eastern Seaboard. What happened to empirical data? Why try to shoe horn events to make the case even when the empirical data says otherwise? Our science will not be worth anything as long as it attempts to become a religion expecting the people to blindly follow.

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