Sunday, August 8, 2010

Rangel Must Resign

The only deal involving Charles Rangel must include an immediate resignation. Rangel is about to go on trial in the house for ethics violations. Rangel never denies he is ethically challenged. His only excuse is that everyone does the same things. This my friends is no excuse.

The excuse that everyone else does is not an appropriate excuse. The left has come to Rangel's defense and insist the ethics charges are not as bad as they seem. The left and the pathetic pawns in media sugest there is racial motivations involved. The pathetic pawns keep bringing up all the "good things" Rangel has done. In the minds of the liberal elite ethics violations are fine as long as it comes from a loyal servant of the people. Never mind that while Rangel was writing higher taxes for Americans he himself was neglecting to pay his due share. Don't worry that while there are homeless people in the city of New York that Rangel rented not 1 but 4 low income housing units in the city. Never mind that Rangel didn't disclose lobbyist paid for junkets. No turn a blind eye because Rangel has a history of looking out for the little guy. Just because Rangel evaded taxes is no reason to call him ethically challenged.

Last month when the charges were announced, Rangel and the Democrats on the ethics panel entered into negotiations to resolve the issue before a trial could be brought forth. Don't worry that Rangel was only talking to the Democrats on the committee. It is certainly not unethical for a charged Congressman trying to cut a deal with his own party rather than the board as a whole. The media is portraying this as rae related. After all it is only Rangel and Waters (both African Americans) that have been referred to trial. It has to be all about race.

Now it seems Rangel wants to blame Republicans for his trial. Seems he signed a plea deal before the charges were referred. It was only those darned Republicans that caused this to go to a trial. Rangel could have easily cut a deal with the American people. All he had to do is admit his ethics problems and resign not just his chairmanship but also his seat in the House. Instead he would rather take a slap on the wrist and continue bilking Americans out of their hard earned money. The trial is no one's fault but Charlie Rangel's. The only person that didn't pay Rangel's taxes was Rangel. The only person renting 4 housing units designed for low income people for Rangel was Rangel himself. The only person that didn't disclose Rangel's financial dealing were Rangel. See this is all about Rangel and the ethics violations he committed. It is not about what others have done. It is not about the Republicans. It is only about Rangel.

The excuses from the pathetic pawns in the media and Rangel sound like a teenager excusing themselves for missing curfew. After all everyone else misses curfew why shouldn't they themselves. Pelosi is right when she says the swamp needs to be drained. Pelosi needs to start by cleaning her own house. Rangel must go and the only deal that should be cut is for Rangel to admit his wrongdoing and resign his seat in the House. No more adolescent excuses all Rangel has to do is resign. Reprimand should not be an option, Rangel wrote tax policy and then evaded his own taxes anything short of immediate resignation just opens emboldens the ethically challenged politicians.

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Anonymous said...

The Pathetic Pawns should be ashamed of themselves, if they knew what shame was! One thing I know for sure. Rangel isn't going anywhere unless he is physically dragged out.