Monday, August 30, 2010

A Man Shrouded In Mystery

President Barack Obama is the ultimate mystery man. There doesn't seem to be any definitive record of who he is or where he came from. There has not been one person from Harvard, not one roommate from his college days, and not one childhood friend that has stood up and claimed he knew Obama. Yet, Obama has the audacity to complain that a large minority of Americans don't believe he was born in American and many believe Obama to be a Muslim.

Barack Obama has it in his power to place these rumors to rest. The way to put a rumor to rest is to show proof to the contrary and not allowing the rumor to fester. Instead of producing statements and documents proving the rumors false, Obama never comes out and denounces his Muslim faith nor does he produce the documents of his live birth. Notice yesterday in his interview with Brian Williams:

Notice the bait and switch. The context of the question revolved around Obama's religion and Obama answers it by saying he couldn't walk around with his birth certificate. Obama could have taken the opportunity to say hey look I'm a Christian. Sure many would have scoffed at the idea but at least Obama would have been definitive. Instead of meeting the rumor head on Obama changed the subject. To my knowledge no one has ever heard Obama denounce his Muslim faith. However, we have heard Obama claim his Muslim faith:

Obama always talks around the subject. Never claiming to be an outright Muslim, yet never claiming to be a Christian either. Obama always allows those around him to put words in his mouth in order to be able to parse the words later. I for one could care less what faith Obama follows. What concerns me is that Obama is not being true to himself or whatever if any faith he follows. Tough to be honest with the AMerican people when he can't even be honest with himself.

Now the birth certificate is even easier. All Obama has to do is produce his long form original birth certificate. Why that is so hard for him to do is beyond me. Obama doesn't want to walk around with it taped to his forehead but he won't even produce it so that the rumor can die a quick and painful death. Most of the so-called birthers would leave it alone if everything on the long form was redacted except for Barack's name and the hospital's name. Instead Obama shows a short form that proves nothing and produces a newspaper clipping. Obama has gone to great lengths to perpetuate the rumor and conspiracy theories regarding his citizenship. My guess is Obama's long form would show he was not born in a hospital but rather at home in the presence of a mid-wife. Nothing wrong with that except that it would fuel the fire that perhaps he was not born in Hawaii and was registered late.

Know the pathetic pawns would have one believe it was ridiculous that Obama's mother would have forseen the future President and therefore had no reason to document an American birth. However, the motive did not have to be so complicated and ridiculous. Illegal Aliens today seek documents allowing them to stay in this country. American citizenship opens many doors in this country. Seems to me if Obama wasn't born here that there was motive to hide an illegal immigrant and plant paperwork to make him a citizen. Why won't Obama just produce the documents? The answer may be because he is hiding something on the long form that he does not want anyone to know about. It may be something as simple as being born in the presence of a mid wife, it may be something embarrassing, who knows, all we know is Obama won't produce any documents that would show definitive proof.

While we are at it, why doesn't Obama produce any documents? We have never seen anything written by Obama other than his carefully scripted autobiographies. We have seen not one document authored by Obama in the Harvard Law review. We have not seen one opinion written by Obama concerning the constitution even though he was a Constitutional scholar. We have not seen his dissertation. We have not seen how his education was financed. In fact we have not really seen anything concerning Obama prior to his Community Organizer days.

Perhaps if the pathetic pawns had done their job and vetted Obama, Americans would not be questioning Obama's faith, place of birth, or political leanings. Instead of portraying Obama as the messiah, if the pathetic pawns had just done a little homework, then these rumors would just die down. Instead the pathetic pawns keep asking Obama the questions, Obama keeps dancing around the issues with his answers, and Americans are left in the dark to formulate their rumors. A man shrouded in mystery is subject to the rumors inspired by secrecy. For a man that preached transparency on the campaign trail, he certainly doesn't open up anything in his past.

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