Friday, August 20, 2010

Has Obama Jumped the Shark???

The Presidents poll numbers are tanking and as the mid-terms approach many Democrats are running away from the President. Sitting at around a 45% approval rating has the President and many political pundits wondering what went wrong. The President and the pathetic pawns in the media are questioning what might be happening. The media is dumbfounded that such an ambitious and intelligent President could be so unpopular with the American public. Many pundits are touting the Presidents so-called legislative victories and wonder how with all of the victories in the legislative process the President could be held in such low esteem in the eyes of the public. The questions surrounding the approval of the Presidnet lead on to ask Has Obama Jumped the Shark?

The answer of course is not yet known. If the election were held today it would be a Republican Presidnet saying "Elections have consequences" and not Obama. Luckily for Obama his election is two and a half years down the road. The one thing that is certain is that in order for Obama to regain his popularity and to have a chance in a future election he must change his ways. Obama is viewed as being out of touch and running an incoherent administration. The blame Bush mantra is falling on deaf ears as the American public has already placed the blame on Bush and provided Obama with a golden opportunity. Obama rather than seizing the moment and taking advantage of the opportunity failed in recognizing the most important general rule of politics; "It's the economy stupid". In Obama's haste to reshape America into his Socialistic dreams Obama ignored the economy and fattened the pockets of his special interests. Instead of focusing on jobs, Obama focused on a costly health care bill for almost an entire year.

The mid-terms are fast approaching and this election will have its consequences. November is shaping up to be the third wave election in a row. The American people are speaking but the President and the Democrats are not listening. Over 60% of the people are against the Health Care reform and want it repealed. The American people realize the stimulus package was an utter failure. The American people are against the Ground Zero Mosque being built on hallowed ground. The American people are against the Arizona lawsuit. The American people are against amnesty for illegal immigrants that have broken our Nations laws. Obama and the Democrats are on the wrong side of every major issue facing the country.

While it is true that if the economy would turn around the Presidents approval rating will improve. However, an improving economy may not be enough to save this administration. Unless Obama and the Democrats change their ways and come in line to the American lines of thought then Obama is doomed. Had Obama focused on the economy and then worked on his initiatives after the economy rebounded his accomplishments would not be quite so unpopular. However, Obama rammed his special interest agenda through Congress and ignored the will of the people. Obama is always quick with the sacastic metaphors, but he is very shallow and disconnected with real Americans.

As long as Obama constantly relegates the people to the sidelines except for election day his numbers will continue to decline and yes he will have indeed jumped the shark. The Presidency is not about Obama. The Presidency is about America and her people. The Presidency is bigger than Obama and overshadows him. Until Obama understands these facts his popularity will continue to decline. Obama must come to the realization that the Presidency is not a ceremonious post that allows him to be a celebrity. The presidnecy is about leadership. America is on the wrong path. We are headed down the path of destroying ourselves. I believe in America and believe America will be prosperous again. Unfortunately, it appears the sun is setting on a once great nation. In order to make the sun rise again on the worlds greatest democracy we need a leader that focuses on the immediate needs of the nation. Today those needs are economic needs. Americans need jobs. It is Obama the is obstructing the will of the people and not the Republicans that are attempting to make the President realize that thus far he is an utter failure, looking at a historic defeat in the mid terms. Time will tell if the President has jumped the shark. One thing is for certain, Americans are hurting and Obama is jet setting. Do the pundits really have to wonder why Americans are not worshipping the messiah of the pathetic pawns?

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Anonymous said...

Well, when one starts out as a demigod, one can only go down from there. Two big things I see here. One, he is unpopular because of, not in spite of his legislative victories. You can't toss the will of the people aside repeatedly and expect to have high approval ratings. Two, a lot of this is the fault of the Pathetic Pawns themselves. When the Pathetic Pawns presented him as a demigod for so long, there was a inevitable "let down" when the people (easily swayed as they are) saw that he could not, in fact, walk on water, and that he is not, in fact, the second coming of Jesus or a "Being of Light." The Pathetic Pawns could only keep up the illusion for so long, and now he has indeed jumped the shark. Here's to a bloodbath in November, baby!