Saturday, July 10, 2010

Punish The Masses vs Punish the Wrong Doers

The main difference between liberals and conservatives is that the liberals believe in the right of the State while conservatives believe in the right of the individual. This fact can be see in the way the left in our country writes the laws and the way the right in our country write the laws. In San Francisco, the board of supervisors will make the final determination on a law to ban "pets" in the city.

Instead of enforcing the rule of law and punishing individuals that abandon and abuse animals, the left punishes all of society for the sins of the few. The right would rather a law that punishes the wrong doer. Instead of banning pets the right would strengthen punishment. Individuals would have their freedom as long as they followed the rule of law. The left however doesn't like holding individuals responsible. Instead they would rather punish the nameless "people".

The left does this with most of their laws. Look at Chicago, instead of punishing criminals that use guns in commission of crimes, the city instead banned all handguns in the city. When the Chicago law was struck down, the mayor of Chicago whined and instead of toughening the punishment on individuals committing crimes with guns decided it was better to ban the sales of guns in the city and then say the guns have to remain in the owners house. In my belief this will eventually also be struck down because it is clear in the constitution that "the right of the people to bear arms shall not be infringed". The supreme court has already ruled there is an individual right in the constitution. Banning the sale of guns definitely "Infringes" on that right.

Another example is the the provision in Obamacare mandating everyone purchases health insurance. Instead of holding individuals responsible this bill takes away the rights and freedoms of the individual. The left is against individual, rights, freedoms, and responsibility. The left believes in communal living and the rights of the community but America was not founded on the rights of the community. America is based on individual rights and freedoms.

The liberal philosophy is only rewards irresponsible people. their philosophy encourages illegal activity and protects criminals. Banning pets takes away the rights of responsible individuals and places them into a position of breaking the law to be able to fulfill one of their hierarchical needs. Banning guns only ensures the law abiding individuals can not protect themselves while the criminals thrive. Banning goods and services never work. America tried a national ban on alcohol at one time and guess what? It had to be repealed and created the gangster life and the roaring "20s".

Please liberals stop making laws that benefit the lawless at the expense of the individual. Punish the individual wrongdoers, you know the ones that actually commit crimes, and leave the responsible Americans alone. It doesn't take a village to raise our children, it takes two individuals. Stop encouraging illegal behavior and start rewarding the law abiding citizens of this great country.


Anonymous said...

Sometimes I wonder if Liberals (modern, not classical) are just pure evil. Yes, they are willing to punish everyone for the sins of a few. Banning the sale of pets? Banning the sale of pets? This has PETA written all over it. First ban the sale, then ban adoptions, then ban having pets period. Completely ludicrous. And nice semantic game they're playing in Chicago. I pray that no other Supreme Court Justice retires or passes on!

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