Sunday, July 25, 2010

It's The Policies Stupid

Over the past couple of weeks the media pathetic pawns have been wondering why the Presidents popularity has been tumbling into the abyss. The pathetic pawns tout how many bills he has signed into law. The Pawns have been carrying Obama's water for so long they no longer recognize unpopular policy when the evidence is right in front of them. Obama's approval is falling due to unpopular policy and it doesn't take a genius to figure that out.

The Obama stimulus has been an udder failure. Obama tripled the annual national debt in his first year. The administration has been claiming the green shoots of recovery since April 2009. Now a full 15 months later the economy is still spinning its wheels. Those green shoots in the spring of 2009 have turned into the burned look of dormancy. The stimulus wasn't exactly popular with the American public but we supported it as a way to turn the corner. We were promised unemployment would stay under 8%. Now Obama is on the wrong side of unemployment figures as unemployment stands at 9.5%. Further there is even worst news. Unemployment would be much higher if not for the millions of workers that have given up hope and simply left the work force. Obama's mortgage help faied on two fronts. First the mortgage bailout didn't do anything for those that needed a helping hand. A person that was current on their mortgage but hurting financially couldn't be helped. Instead those that were incapable of paying their mortgage was helped which has only prolonged the agony. Remember the cash for clunkers? This program simply moved sales from the future into the now. This program did nothing except to add future inflation. How about the $8,000 tax credit for first time home buyers? Again all this did was reduce the value of our homes by $8,000. Future sales were pushed into the now. May, June, and July have been horrendous months for the housing industry. Foreclosures are up and house prices are down. Obama's help with mortgages has caused deflation. Obama's Keynesian tinkering has delayed the recovery.

Obama then moved on to Health care. For over one year the Democrats ignored the economy in favor of health care reform. The bill did have a few popular provisions but the overall bill was opposed by a majority of Americans. Instead of working a compromise, Obama jammed his bill through Congress through political maneuvering. The Pathetic Pawns promised the Democrats that it wasn't the bill that was unpopular but rather the process. Now after Months after passage the health care bill is just as unpopular. The beliefs buy the political elite that the bill wasn't explained to the American people is false. The problem is the American people weren't buying. The American people are not stupid but it sure seems the pathetic pawns and the Democrats are stupid.

Obama then moved on to promoting race baiting. The mid terms election are looking like another wave election. Instead of pushing his failed policies the administration instead resorted to "blaming Bush" and using race as a wedge issue. Race relations have been set back more than a generation. The Sherrod story now circulating is a perfect example. Let there be no doubt that Sherrod's comments were taken out of context. Yet again let there be no doubt that Sherrod is still a racist. CNN is all over Andrew Breitbart for taking comments out of context. Where was CNN when Dan Rather submitted forged documents. Why no outcry from CNN when Rather tried to explain away his forgeries and fake documents as "the premise of the story is still true". Same thing with Sherrod, Breitbart's premise is still true, she was a racist and from her comments on network News shows she still harbors racist views even if she did finally help the poor white farmer. The pathetic Pawns are missing the larger story. Race relations in this country are going backwards. Instead of a post racial President that looks beyond the color of skin, we have a President that looks at everything through the color of skin. Just like the Cambridge incident or just like the dismissal of the New Black Panther Party charges even after the government won its case. Instead of the Pathetic pawns looking into the facts surrounding the whistle blower comments the Pawns instead recite the administration talking points.

The administration decided to sue Arizona for political gain. The American people overwhelming support Arizona and defending our homeland borders, yet the pathetic pawns and Obama go against the public and sue a state that is only doing the job of the federal government. Arizona is taking the law in their own hands not because the are racist and not because the Federal Government is incapable of doing its job, no, Arizona is doing the work of the Federal Government because the government refuses to do its sworn duty.

Sure Obama has been able to cram many unpopular bills through Congress. Americans are giving credit where credit is due. We don't like the bills and we feel our government is on the wrong track. Obama is failing in his policies and not failing in getting ill advised policies through Congress. The pathetic Pawns may walk around in a haze with tingles up their legs whenever Obama talks all they want, the fact is the people see the policies for what they are and we don't like them. Its not how many laws a president signs but rather the laws themselves. Obama has wroked hard but so have the day laborers in Arizona. We don't want the day laborers in the oval office and right now we don't want Obama there either.

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