Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Highly Politicized Department of Justice

The current Department of Justice has absolutely been politicized by the Obama administration. Two recent cases make the point. The first case involves voter intimidation by the New Black Panther Party and the other is the lawsuit filed against Arizona. The voter intimidation case was dropped to protect two black thugs who stood in front of a polling place in black uniforms and jack boots, one of the thugs was brandishing a weapon. The Arizona lawsuit is against the people of Arizona because of Arizona SB 1070. This bill makes it a state crime to live in Arizona illegally.

The President of the United States has sworn an oath to enforce the laws of the country. In both of these cases the laws of the land were not being enforced. Voter intimidation and voter fraud are illegal. The thugs in Philadelphia were brandishing weapons and intimidating voters and election workers. The real reason the thugs were camped out was to ensure the election observers did not object to people voting fraudulently. The thugs were ACORN's enforcer. Instead of backing the law of the land Obama and his Justice Department dropped the case. According to former Justice employees Holder instructed the Civil Rights Division to drop all cases involving blacks infringing upon the rights of white voters. Instead of upholding our laws Obama has decided that in his "Social Justice" theory African Americans should be provided special protection from breaking laws because of the color of their skin and past injustice. Imagine if two skinheads were standing if front of a polling place brandishing weapons. Do you think "hate crimes" may be invoked? Everyone from the pathetic pawns in the media, to Congress, to the President would be screaming racism and vow to protect the citizenry of thuggery. Yet Obama lets his "pals" flaunt the law. Read more at Hot Air

In Arizona a bill was passed that only authorizes local law enforcement to help enforce current immigration law. Arizona did not change Federal Law all they did was say local law enforcement could ask for identification and proof of legal status if they were stopped for breaking a law and there is suspicion that perhaps they may be in our country illegally. Local enforcement of immigration laws is only enforced as a secondary issue. No one is to be stopped simply because there is suspicion of illegal immigrant status. Instead of enforcing the laws of the land Obama has decided to go after a State that wrote a law enforcing Federal law. There are cities that have written sanctuary laws that are in direct violation of Federal law but Obama instead of going after illegal activity goes after executives that enforce the laws of the land.

I have news for Obama: you can't pick and choose which laws you enforce. It is not your job to pick and choose. Sure you may have priorities but you can't ignore laws you disagree with. If you want to change the laws you disagree with then persuade Congress to change it. The President is the Chief Executive charged with enforcing our laws. Congress is charged with making the Laws and the courts charged with interpreting the laws. It is outrageous that Obama has politicized the Justice Department. Obama was one of the ringleaders charging that Bush politicized Justice. But what Obama is doing to politicize Justice is unconscionable. To Obama, blacks cannot discriminate. Blacks cannot intimidate voters. Blacks are held to a lower standard. Yet States cannot provide assistance because it may make the Department of Justice actually do its job. Perhaps Obama could step up and have Justie drop this lawsuit. The money that is to be wasted in a frivolous lawsuit may be better spent extending unemployment benefits for the people looking for work in Obama's woeful economy. Or Obama should spend the money that is about to be wasted on actually protecting our borders and actually doing his job of enforcing our Nations Laws.


Liberal_Genius said...

The fact is a Black Man can't descriminate against whites because on has to be empowered in order to make a choice (discriminate). Since Black Men are slaves in everything but name, they can't descriminate against white people. As for Arizona, just another transparent Republican attempt to keep noble Brown Men off the land that rightfully belongs to them. For good reason too, whites are too physically weak and lazy to compete with Brown workers. Sadly whites want to make six figures answering phones, but there are no more new people and environments to exploit in order to make the life of white leisure possible for much longer. Obama may be a puppet of his white masters, but at least they're a group that's trying to do the right thing.

The Lizard said...

Spoken like a true liberal freak. The fact is that Blacks have been empowered to discriminate. Another fact is the Hispanics that are in Arizona legally have every right you speak. The ones flaunting ours laws have no such rights.

The bottom line is until America stops looking at everything through the prism of race the worlds melting pot will never be united. Obama's "Social Justice" manifesto is setting race relations back 100 years.

My advice is that Americans need to stop rationalizing black racism.

Anonymous said...

Tell 'em Lizard. I wish more people understood that rationalizing black racism is condescending. As for blacks being empowered, uh, Obama is president for crying out loud! Some people need to grow the f*&k up. If white males were the boogeymen some people make them out to be, the people complaining would have all been culled long ago.