Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Failure of Epic Proportions

Journalism in America is dead. The pathetic pawns formerly known as the main stream media is currently a miserable failure. Yesterday, Shirley Sherrod of the US Department of Agriculture was forced to resign due to a phrase in a speech containing racist language. The Obama administration and the NAACP both threw her under the bus without all of the facts. In their haste they listen to part of a story missing the larger context of the speech.

The speech as provided by biggovernment.com was cut to only show the comments leading up to a big surprise ending. Yes it seems Ms. Sherrod was at one time a racist. Seems she was a bit perturbed that she had to help a "white" farmer when so many black farmers needed her help at the government trough. Yet, this "white" farmer washer "come to Jesus" moment, the point of where she realized her racist views had no place in her work. The pathetic pawns not only missed the initial story but they missed the bigger story. There was a media blackout regarding the initial story. The Obama administration afraid to be seen as the racists that they are decided that rather then provide fodder to the right blogosphere forced Sherrod to resign. The pathetic pawns in an effort to shield the inept administration didn't report the initial issue and didn't investigate either. The pathetic pawns in an effort to protect their chosen President forgot to do their job. How very ironic that the pathetic pawns in their haste to hide any bad new coverage of their chosen President were the main reason Obama made a hasty judgment and bad decision.

The original story of racism still stands. There is no doubt Sherrod was and probably still is a racist. Her comments even taken in context prove at a minimum she was a racist. Sherrod took her racism to the workplace and by her own admission she didn't do all she could have done to help the farmer. In the end everything worked out. However, there is an even bigger story the media is missing. This story was provided as an attempt to show how the NAACP is quick to accuse conservatives as racist but leave their own alone. The NAACP was quick to promote the story of racism with the tea party activists taking many comments out of context and even pushed proven false narratives. This blatant racism by the NAACP is the larger story.

The story behind the racist NAACP has now open racial wounds that run deep. The left has decided they will run the 2010 mid terms as a referendum on race. Behind every tree lies a conservative racist is the left's battle cry. This whole Sherrod story proves the pathetic pawns have been neglect in their jobs. Instead of informing Americans of what is happening around the country, the pathetic pawns decided to follow the advice a Campbell Brown and present the news as their liberal views tell them is the news. Instead of objectivity, the pathetic pawns decided they were the propaganda machine for the left and went on the attack against Conservatives. The pathetic pawns are as guilty of dividing this country as much as the Obama administration. Both the issue with Sherrod's comments and the bigger picture of rampant racism by certain elements of black culture are a journalistic failure of epic proportions. As I have said in previous posts the election of Obama was going to set race relations in America back 100 years. Little did I know that it would come to light so quickly.

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Anonymous said...

I am surprised myself at this one. My gut says the Pathetic Pawns would expose the whole story in order to prove the fiction that black racism doesn't exist, but they buried it! I guess The Obama trumps even deeply held PC truth.