Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Did the Dream Die?

Racial rhetoric is on the rise. From reading the recent headlines one would have to believe that behind every tree is hiding a racist. Everything from the Reverend Jesse Jackson outrageously claiming the owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers considered Lebron James a slave, to Eric Holder claiming Arizona SB 1070 is a racist and anti-immigrant bill and everything in between is about racism. Instead of being the “post racial” President we were promised, Obama is the most racist President we have ever had. Instead of leading America to the promised land of equality for all, what Obama is presiding over is the reshaping of America into a revengeful society, where long since past social transgressions are paid in full through a program called “Social Justice”. I must wonder if that is what Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. meant by “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”

In Obama’s world of Social Justice the flailing arms of government are looking at everything through the prism of race. The DOJ has been accused of having a directive in place to drop civil rights cases that involve “white plaintiffs and black defendants”. Rather than judge the merits of the case through a justice system that is to be blind, Eric Holder is judging the cases based on the color of skin rather than the merits of the case and the character of the person. To Obama and his liberal cronies color is a determining factor in all that they do. Holder came out against Arizona because of some perceived “social injustice towards the brown man”. This even though the Arizona bill expressly prohibits racial profiling and only enforces current federal law. Rather than work to change our immigration laws, Obama would rather interject race into the battle and claim racism than prosecute crimes committed against society.

Yesterday was appalling. The NAACP proclaimed the tea party activists to be racists, this even though as we search for participants and analyze racial makeup we find that the participants come from all walks of life. The racial makeup is remarkably close to the makeup of the country as a whole. To the “post racial President, the NAACP, and the liberal lapdogs in the media, the African Americans that stand up for middle America are nothing more than “Uncle Tom’s”. What a shame it is in our country that instead of equal opportunity for all, we have a President that is all about making up for past transgressions by placing minorities above the law in the name of social justice.

America will never be able to unite and realize the dream of Martin Luther King Jr until the “social justice” doctrine is thrown out with the rest of the trash. Social Justice is not the same as “every man is created equal”. We all have unalienable rights, which includes whites as well as blacks, reds, yellows, browns, pinks, blues, and purples. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for all Americans will never be realized until everybody decides to live the dream King had. We must all wake up and look only at a person’s character rather than through the prism of race. Until Jesse Jackson, Barack Obama, Malik Zulu Shabazz, and the other race baiters stop the racial prejudice disguised as “Social Justice” we are doomed to never realize the dream of an American hero. Race baiting is racism disguised as a cry for equality and justice.

We are going backwards in this country with our race relations. By not pursuing justice that a civil society requires we are opening the door to treating others different due to the color of their skin. By definition that is not equality or justice for all. Elevating someone based on the color of their skin is just as bad as keeping someone down based upon the same criteria. Racism is racism no matter how it is disguised. Racism is racism no matter how it is rationalized. The fringe elements will always have racists no matter the color of skin and cuts in every direction. Until we realize that racism has no place in a civil society no matter how it is disguised, the dream will have died along with King.

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Anonymous said...

The dream did die, but not recently. It died decades ago when we collectively decided to allow white males to become boogeymen scapegoats. This is based on the usual leftist zero-sum fallacy. Blacks and other minorities can't be better off until whites are worse off. Similar to the mistaken belief that destroying rich or middle class people helps the poor. Plus, let's face it. The lefties have to hate somebody (it's their driving motivation), and everyone else is off limits. It is slightly humorous, because there is one group that exposes the whole game, the North Asians (Japanese, Han Chinese, Korean). Though a minority, they do well in every culture that they join. Not just in the US, but in Brazil, Peru, Europe, and Indonesia, and probably several others. The reason this is inconvenient for PC is that it points to a disparity in the productivity of different cultures. It's interesting to see it's effects if one is looking. Though a minority, Asians are constantly descriminated against in college admissions because of their high performance. Do we ever hear about quotas for Asians or hear an Asian whining about not being represented enough on TV? Bringing more attention to Asians would force the multicultural jackasses that the system isn't inherently racist. The statement that racist white people are passing over other whites and favoring asians is simply untenable.