Sunday, June 27, 2010

We're Not Bluffing!

I have some news for you Mr. Obama, we, the American people, are not bluffing. We want a responsible government that stays within their budget. We don't want tax increases that stifle business, we want the government to cut out spending. We the people understand the problem and it is not that we are taxed too little, no, its a government that spends too much. We are not bluffing when we say we want less government spending.

In Obama press conference at the Toronto G20 Summit, Obama whined that we had structural long term debt problems that were there before he took office. I wonder if he noticed that the structural problems he stated (medicare, medicade, social security) we caused by an out of control liberal agenda? These programs were always a pyramid scheme and even a shell game. The so-called lock boxes that contain the surpluses achieved by taxing the baby boomers simply is not there. Although the lock boxes are full, they are not full of money. Instead we have the great liberal scheme and gimmick. The democrats promised to keep the lock boxes and not waste the trust funds. Yet the lock boxes are only filled with IOU's.

This year the Social Security Administration has run in the red. The SSA will have to dip into the IOU box and the government will have to borrow more money to pay off their promises to the American people. The President can't fix any of these liberal Utopian ideas without going back on their promise and reducing benefits. The trust is being dipped into 7 years earlier than the Democrats expected. The Democrats spent and spent in the bountiful years and no that the monies are getting less and less there is no money to be had without further increases in taxes or reducing benefits. Remember the surpluses under Clinton? They were not really surpluses. Rather under Clinton we just didn't spend all of the intake from Social Security.

You talk a lot Mr. President but if you were really serious about deficit reduction you would not have gone to the G20 begging other countries to spend, spend, and then spend some more. There is a reason the rest of the G20 rejected your agenda. The reason is the borrowing has to stop. Europe and the US are so far in debt there is no way to ever pay all of our obligations. Worse yet there are even fewer countries willing or even able to take on more debt from insolvent Nations. Get serious Mr. President. Try spending less. Stop with the Health Care reform until we can actually afford it. Stop with the economy killing energy bill. Stop trying to take over the financial institutions. If you want to spend money on jobs find somewhere to pay for it. Perhaps if you were actually serious someone might believe you. See you said in a debate during your campaign that we needed a scalpel and not a cap on spending. Yet today you told the reporter that you have now proposed caps spending. We don't believe you Mr. President, but believe us we are not bluffing.

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Anonymous said...

No, we're no bluffing, and November will be a bloodbath! Of course Europe can't go along with Obama's agenda. They're in worse shape than we are! They've already done all the zany stuff that Obama wants to do here. In fact, Europe is a crystal ball of what the US will be like in another decade or so, except worse because we actually have to budget for a military.