Tuesday, June 22, 2010


The Obama administration is showing a knack for failing to lead and govern. A Americans we need to take a step back and look at the perils facing our Nation. We must face the reality that Obama and the Democrats in Congress are incapable of governing. Both the President and the current Congress have done nothing but imperil our way of life. The Chicago politics employed by the rudderless government is slowly coming to light. The pathetic pawns are coming around realizing that Obama is not a leader and the Democratic Utopian ideals are nothing but a dream. Everything from the Gulf oil spill disaster, to the economy, to the war in Afghanistan, to our relations with allies are going horrible wrong.

On Sunday, Rahm Emanuel ridiculed Tony Hayward for being in attendance of a boat race involving a yacht that he owns while ignoring Obama drinking beer at baseball game and walking the greens of a golf course. The real problem is not Hayward, who was relieved of his Oil spill duties by BP earlier in the week, but rather the real problem is Obama who said “ I will not rest” until the Oil spill disaster is under control. Emanuel the inept is trying to portray a hapless CEO that had been relieved of his duties as rich, Republican, and out of touch. But the reality is that Hayward was relieved and no longer had any connection with correcting the spill or cleaning up his mess. Obama on the other hand claimed he would not rest. Obama said the buck stops with him. Then after saying the words, Obama immediately went drinking at the ball park and out for a round of golf. Obama has done nothing to contain the spill. Obama still has not waived the Jones act. Obama still is turning away the experts that can assist in containing the spill. Even Obama’s moratorium on the oil spill has been lifted by the courts. So what has Obama done except bully a private company into a $20 billion fund for cleaning up. Last week Obama gave his “rudderless” speech that failed in every way.

Then there is the economy. Obama thru almost $ 1 trillion at the economy and then took his eye towards socializing the country through unconstitutional health care mandates. Health care reform was a short sighted Utopian idea that will bankrupt the country. Yet health care reform took priority over the economy. In May, the number of purchased existing homes declined 2.2%. Unemployment is still at 9.7% and may rise even higher. Over a year ago Obama stated there were green shoots of growth. Still today the bitter green shoot clinger is claiming he saved the economy. The outlook on the economy today is worse than it was 6 months ago but the President is claiming success. A recent poll showed that increasingly Obama is taking the blame for the economy. The blame Bush meme isn’t working like it once did. Overall, 47% still blame Bush but what the pathetic pawns are trying to bury is that 45% are blaming Obama. I expect Obama will increasingly take the blame and by the first week of August Obama will take the majority of the blame. The signs of weakness in the economy will become evident with the 3rd Quarter report on GDP. The Congress even now refuses to complete their most basic of constitutional duties. Steny Hoyer just said that not only won’t the Democrats pass a budget but they won’t even try to come up with an outline. The Dmeocrats are punting their most basic function.

Then there is the foreign policy. GEN Stanley McChrystal and his staff crucified the inept administration. Yes the General and his staff were wrong and undermined the civilian authority over the military. Ordinarily our military would not undermine the Commander in Chief but when faith is lost and leadership absent the military leaders will lead. They will pick up the reigns and lead when the country is devoid of civilian leadership. Obama has lost the faith of his commanders, he has lost the battle of morale in the military, in short Obama’s lack of leadership has our military running amok. GEN McChrystal was wrong but his behavior is expected in the absence of a leader in the Oval Office.

Then Obama’s actions against one of our true ally’s in the Middle East are deplorable. Sitting the sidelines while Turkey flexes its muscle against our ally is despicable. Obama should have came out against Turkey’s actions and stated that NATO is at risk if Turkey didn’t stop being so irresponsible. Instead weak kneed Obama sided with Turkey and Hamas and told the world that Israel’s blockade was unsustainable. Instead of siding with our ally Obama sided with the terrorists.

Anyone can see that Obama is rudderless. Even Obama’s speech the other night on national TV showed how devoid of intelligence the administration truly is. Carter had his “malaise speech” and now Obama has had his “rudderless speech”. Wake up America and throw the inept Democrats out of Washington. Wake up and place Obama on the sidelines until we can vote in a leader to the Presidency.

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November gonna be a bloodbath!