Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Obama's Unprecedented Disaster

The Obama administration is creating an unprecedented disaster in the Gulf. Instead of doing everything possible to prevent oil from reaching our shores, the administration is stopping efforts to dredge and built artificial sand berms intended to soak up the oil and stop the oil from reaching the fragile ecosystem along the gulf shores and in the marshes where sea animals bed their young. (More at Hot Air.) Instead of making recommendations and allowing the dredging activities to continue while new and better plans are drafted, the administration just shut them down. Sounds eerily similar to shutting down the barges last week because the Federal government wasn't sure they had life vests on the barges. Again instead of trying to avert the impending disaster the Obama administration is simply allowing it to destroy the Gulf coast.

Obama still has not lifted the Jones act which would allow foreign ships come in to provide assistance. Obama still hasn't gotten enough boom into the Gulf. Obama still hasn't done anything to contain the damage that is happening. Instead Obama is focused on blaming others, worrying about killing the Gulf economy with a moratorium that has already been deemed illegal, and claiming to be all over the issue. Seems to me the only thing Obama is all over is the local links.

Obama's response has been negligent and borderline criminal. Instead of leading Obama is politicizing the issue. It is high time this President get off the links and into the office. We need a leader that ensures all necessary resources are focused on keeping the oil off our shores. there is time enough for passing blame after the oil leak is stopped and the oil is contained off our shores. Stopping efforts by the local governments to protect their people is not the way to conduct business. Obama and his criminal left cronies scream for regulating everything, but here is an example where regulation is not helping. In fact, stopping efforts because it may endanger an area is ludicrous in light of the fact that the entire area may be destroyed. Obama is creating this unprecedented disaster and has no clue what to do.

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Anonymous said...

He's not doing anything because the more damage this spill does, the more justified we are when we stop oil drilling completely. The clowns running the show must think that The Flintstones' method of running their cars is realistic in the 21st century.