Monday, June 7, 2010

Obama The School House Punk

While Obama sat idle and allowed the Gulf oil spill to decimate the Gulf Coast the media begged him to become angry. James Carville begged Obama to do something. Spike Lee told Obama to get angry. After 48 days all Obama could come up with is a school yard bully speech. You know the speech, the "I am going to kick your ass speech". This is really Presidential. Instead of doing something rather than point the finger of blame, Obama whines “I was down there a month, before most of these talking heads were even paying attention to the Gulf, a month ago I was meeting fisherman down there standing in the rain talking about what a potential crisis this was going to be.” Sorry but the disaster started 48 days ago, by the President's own admission it took him almost 3 weeks to visit the Gulf even though he knew the impending disaster was going to be terrible. Obama sat on the sidelines and did nothing.

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So let me get this straight. The President whines how it was raining down there when he went to visit. Obama whines because he is taking hits for his non response. Then he says he is only talking to BP so he knows whose ass to kick. I just can't believe a President would sit for an interview to be aired on National TV and threaten to kick the ass of the smart guys. Let me tell you this is not very grown up, nor is it acting like an adult. I'm sure that the press will give Obama his street cred for beginning to get mad. But is this Presidential? It sounds more like the school yard punk that is embarrassed and instead of addressing the situation like an adult he resorts to his schoolyard punk persona and threatens to kick the ass of the people that potentially are going to bail his ass out.

According to the pathetic pawns Obama is supposed to be intellectual. I never thought of school yard punks as intellectuals. Obama's words are the words of someone who has run out of anything intelligent to say. They are the words of a punk that isn't getting his way. They are the words of a loser. Hope is not a strategy and change is not a plan. Like every school house punk that is foaming at the mouth, Obama's words don't even make sense. Obama says he is only talking to the smart guys so he can kick their ass. Does that really make sense? I am embarrassed to even call this punk the President. Obama should resign the Presidency, we don't need some school yard punk that is devoid of ideas in charge of Nuclear weapons.

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