Sunday, June 6, 2010

Obama Incompetence

There was a time back in 2008 when Obama boasted that his campaign was proof that he could handle disasters just like what are happening today in the Gulf. Today it has become obvious that Obama is incompetent. Obama's first response to the spill came twelve days after the explosion on the Deepwater Horizon oil rig. One of Obama's first responses was "Plug the Damn Hole". Obama focused all of his resources on passing blame onto the oil companies.

Instead of focusing on keeping the oil slick from reaching our shores Obama instead sat on the sidelines and watched. While the media is currently busy saying this is representative of the "calm, cool, and collected" demeanor of Obama's style, the oil continued to pollute the Gulf. I feel sorry for the pathetic pawns, I really do. Instead of seeing that Obama sits the sidelines due to incompetence they see it as being calm ad cool. Obama has a history of sitting the sidelines on everything that is tough. Obama sat on the sidelines as the Congress formulated and debated the failed stimulus package. Obama sat on the sidelines while sausage was being made in the health care debacle. Obama has been on the sidelines as the economy struggled and now appears on the verge of a double dip recession. When will the pathetic pawns wake up and realize that Obama is not a leader. Obama does not have the skills or experience to solve our Nations problems. Obama ridiculed Palin for lacking executive experience and hailed his own and offered proof of his campaign size. What we found out is that Obama can speak the words of speechwriters from a teleprompter but not much else.

The pathetic pawns are still drunk on the Obama Kool-Aid. The pathetic pawns just can't believe that such a smart, intelligent, and oratory genius could be such a failure. Right now the pathetic pawns are busy trying to bash the "drill baby, drill crowd. The pawns are busy blaming the oil industry and the Bush administration. The pawns are begging Obama to show some emotion. Right now the problem has been lain open. Obama is not smart, intelligent, or an oratory genius. No Obama is showing his true self in this disaster as with all previous disasters. Obama is incompetent.

I must wonder if along with being incompetent that Obama secretly wanted the oil wash upon our shores. Instead of defending obama's incompetence perhaps the pawns should investigate Obama's motives. There is no doubt Obama's "Cap and Trade" energy initiative was dying in committee. Perhaps Obama wanted used this disaster and didn't allow it to go to waste. Obama knew early on that the disaster would be horrendous. Yet Obama didn't energize the Nations resources to avert the disaster. It seems the pathetic pawns have their work cut out for them. It is their job to dig in and find out if Obama is truly incompetent or an evil Chicago thug that intends to politicize the impending ecological disaster. In all likelihood it is a combination of both. We have an ill equipped president that will politicize everything. I have no doubts Obama is incompetent, nor do I have any doubts that Obama is a partisan political hack.

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