Saturday, June 12, 2010

No Superhero Needed; Leadership Required

What a difference a couple of years make. During the 2008 campaign America was finally getting a President that would make the waters recede. We were getting the person the world had been waiting for. Now we see that even Obama says there "are limits to my powers." Paul Starobin whined incessantly yesterday that Obama is not superman. Even Obama said he can't fix the oil spill issue all by himself. Obama can't swim down and cap the opil rig nor can he "suck the oil up with a straw". Obama and the pathetic pawns built Obama into the messiah, not the American public. The problem is that Americans don't need their Presidents to be superheros; but we do require them to have some modicum of leadership.

Americans understand that the expertise to cap the oil rig does not lie with government solutions. We understand the President can't swim down to cap the well all by his lonesome. We understand that Obama can't suck up the oil through a straw. However, we do expect that Obama provides leadership and direction. Threatening to kick some ass is not leadership. It is difficult to be begging for solutions from the very people one is seeking to ass kick. The contrived moment where Obama tried to feign emotion was obvious. The statement Obama made didn't even make sense. How is it that the only reason he is talking to the experts is so he can kick their ass? Instead of entering into a dialog to resolve the situation, Obama instead enters a dialog so he can kick the ass of the experts that could provide a solution. Even when offered potential solutions, Obama summarily dismisses them. Obama said he would fire the CEO of BP if he could for his flippant remarks. DOes the same apply to Obama? Can we fire him for his flippant and snarky comments?

A week ago it was reported that PACKGEN would be able to deliver miles upon miles of boom to the government to fend of the impending disaster. PACKGEN said the only problem is that no one would come pick the boom up. Then a week later Obama's lead official Coast Guard Admiral Thad Allen was still clueless that the boom was available and more could be ordered on short notice. PACKGEN notified the government 4 weeks ago that their plant in Maine had boom immediately available. It made the news headlines last week. Yet Obama's lead still has no idea.

The Dutch early on in the diaster offered to provide their dike building expertise. Obama and his administration said "Thanks, but no thanks." The administration told the Dutch that the spill was under control. Instead of inviting the Dutch as a potential preventitive measure Obama summarily dismissed the Dutch. In fact, the pathetic pawns barely even reported on the offer of assistance and when we found out the Dutch offered the pathetic pawns dismissed the reports and proclaimed that it would have violated some National law against foreign flag ships capturing and removing oil. In state of emergency, Obama turned down a country that is obviously experts in coastal management, while the pathetic pawns passed it off as being against the law.

Americans do not expect Obama to be a superhero. What we expect, demand, and require of our Presdients is leadership. We expect Obama to marshal all available resources to avert or at least minimize disasters. Instead of marshalling resources Obama set out to find who was to be blamed. Instead of providing direction and leadership on the oil spill, Obama fouind it more important to slam Arizona's Immigration law; a law Obama bashed without even reading or understanding the law. We need to face the facts. Obama is not a leader. Obama is a disaster. Obama is destroying American credibility around the world. Instead of making the waters recede, we have a President that is turning the waters from blue to black. To the defenders of Obama, let me say the response to this disaster is ten times worse than Katrina ever was. No America does not need a Superhero, but leadership is required.

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Anonymous said...

Actually, by electing The One, Americans decided that they didn't want leadership, but in fact wanted a superhero.