Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Government Largesse

The pundits in the main stream media are absolutely pathetic. In an attempt to make the President appear more competent than he really is, the pathetic pawns are making the oil spill catastrophe and government responsibility about big government versus small government. Nothing could be further from the truth, the oil spill and the response the people are looking for has nothing to do with big government or small government. The lack of leadership has everything to do with the role of government. The role of our government is not to take over 1/6 of the economy in a power grab. No, the role of government is to protect, serve, and defend the people.

Americans do not desire a government that provides hand outs and government giveaways. Instead Americans desire a responsive government that will provide a hand up in time of need. Comparing government largesse in social programs to the need for government responsiveness during national crisis is a false comparison. The difference in that in time of National crisis the people want a government that provides a hand up from despair. We don’t want another “Government Program” but rather a responsiveness that energizes the nation and all of our resources to overcome accidents such as the oil spill or natural disasters in the case of Katrina.

There is a huge difference between providing a person a fish and teaching a person to fish. People are competitive by nature and only want the opportunity to succeed. Government handouts and socialized programs are intentionally written to keep the poor people poor and make the middle class poorer. Government elitists that feel the need to nurture the people instead of allowing people the opportunity to live their own lives are the root cause of what ails us as a Nation. The lack of leadership and lack of a response to the oil disaster just goes to show how inept the elitists are. One can clearly see that even though the government conducts exercises to develop skills in such things as containing and cleaning up after oil spills that the elitists really don’t have any ideas of how a government is supposed to act in an emergency. The liberal elitists are good at pointing out what ails society. The liberal elitists are good at spouting rhetoric about how great a Utopian society would be. The problem is that is not reality. Reality in America is that we want a responsive government. A government that provides a helping hand in time of crisis. We don’t want the government to make decisions for us. We don’t want an intrusive government. We don’t want to send our paychecks sent to Washington only to see them wasted on programs designed to keep people dependent on government.

Bottom line is Obama doesn’t have any ideas other than expanding government through entitlement social programs. Instead of coming to the aid of the people in time of need Obama would rather pour American hard earned dollars down the drain of bureaucracy. We all know BP should be focused on stopping the oil from leaking. However, to allow Obama to escape unscathed with his non response is unconscionable. Obama should have called in all of his resources and assisted with the spreading of dispersants, skimming oil from the top, burning oil, filling sandbags, and calling volunteers. We are a Nation that has overcome adversity in the past and we are a nation of overcoming in the future, we need a responsive government not a over-bloated government that feeds off its own largesse.

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Anonymous said...

What more do you expect from the Pathetic Pawns? Did we expect them to paint THE OBAMA in anything but the best light possible?