Monday, June 7, 2010

Good Riddance To the White House Bigot

Today Helen Thomas the senior white House correspondent retired. I think retirement is to good for her as she should have been outright fired. There is no room for bigotry in our White House, and Helen Thomas is a bigot. Good riddance and farewell Helen your prejudice towards the Jewish people is your downfall. Your legacy will forever and always be that of a bigot.

The pathetic pawns were busy today spinning for Helen. The pawns were telling us that this one small incident of sending the Jewish people back to Germany and Poland (where by the way the Jewish people were being exterminated), should not diminish what she has accomplished. That is wrong, we should as a country be appalled that this bigot was ever allowed in the Whitehouse to begin with. Helen has lived a public lie for years. Her hypocritical liberal bias makes all of her writings suspect. We should believe nothing she ever wrote because it was surely tainted with the blood of hatred.

My question is where was the Presidential reaction to the appalling prejudice shown by Helen Thomas? Why did it take an entire weekend before mouthpiece Gibbs finally said something? I can tell you it is because the administration like the pathetic pawns see nothing wrong with bigotry as long as it is coming from the mouths liberal elitists. The administration hates the Jewish people as much as Helen Thomas. Again the administration sat on the sidelines until Helen Thomas decided she would retire rather be fired. The administration should have immediately came out said Helen Thomas was no longer welcome amongst the White House Press Corps. Instead they let the weekend pass to see what the public sentiment would be and when Helen decided the heat was too much the administration finally said something.

Helen Thomas is no hero. I didn't see the pathetic pawns come to the aid of Howard Cossel. The pathetic pawns didn't come to defend "Jimmy the Greek". yet just because Helen Thomas is a liberal elitist they want us to forget that she was an outright bigot. Let me tell you she is no better than NAZI's. Thomas found someone to blame for the Middle East woes and she pointed the finger of blame towards the Jewish people. I don't care what she may have done in her life. Life is about choices and those choices have consequences. Helen Thomas decided to be a bigot and now she has to suffer the consequences.

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Anonymous said...

The reason the lefties defend her is that it is OK and even a bit trendy to hate Jews in more liberal circles.