Saturday, June 26, 2010

AFL-CIO Economist vs Neil Cavuto

The Chief economist for the AFL-CIO resorts to profanity during an interview with Neil Cavuto. Ron Blackwell says Americans should not buy into the hysterics of deficit worries. Blackwell obfuscates when pressed on the fictitious "jobs created or saved" by the almost $1 trillion stimulus Obama has already wasted. Blackwell takes the lame Democratic line by blaming Bush for the deficit and the economy. Blackwell then resorts to profanity when called on his bogus Keynesian economics.

Blackwell is right, Americans are worried about jobs. The problem is that Blackwell and his AFL-CIO unions are not about created new jobs. Unions have never been about the creation of jobs. Unions are about protecting their current workers and destroy future jobs. Union labor is far more expensive to hire than non union labor. Please Mr. Blackwell, explain to the American people how many jobs your union has destroyed. Please explain how many corporations and industries your unions or unions like yours have destroyed. Please Mr. Blackwell, explain to the American people how many jobs have been shipped overseas due to the union demands.

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Now when pressed on his non answers Ron Blackwell resorts to profanity. You know who is losing the debate. Anytime a debater loses their temper and resorts to profanity they have lost. Ron Blackwell, I have a word of advice, quit talking about jobs until you or your union finds a way to actually create jobs instead of destroying jobs.

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Anonymous said...

More of this created or saved BS! I (or anyone else) can claim that the dollar I spent at Big Lots yesterday saved 100,000,000 jobs. It sure is hard to disprove those negatives!