Sunday, May 2, 2010

Twelve Days; Finally a Response

Twelve days ago an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico exploded and began dumping millions of gallons of oil into the ocean. It took nine days before Janet Napolitano to realize that the US military had necessary resources to contain the oil spill. Now today 12 long days after the rig began to spill oil, Obama decided to visit the gulf area for the first time. As the oil slick has moved to within nine miles of the Louisiana coast, this President just now decides that perhaps he should console those that are about to be devastated.

Rather than immediately provide the oversight required by law, this administration waited days before assessing the potential damage. Today, Janet Napolitano said "The administration responded all hands on deck from day one,". Really? Then why did the administration allow British Petroleum to lead the effort with zero oversight?. Remember we were told by the government that the spill was 1000 barrels a day. That number had to be revised to 5000 per day. Then there reports that the collapsed piping plugged the hole and very little oil was spilling. While America waited for news the Obama administration sat on their hands and waited for the disaster to become unmanageable before saying or doing anything. I must wonder if the delayed response was for political reasons.

Did the Obama administration miscalculate the disaster, while they waited to ensure some environmental damage was noticed, so that the administration could make a political statement on evils of off shore drilling? Did the administration wait so they could blame the oil industry and appear to be the hero in the cleanup process? Let there be no doubt the administration should have been all over this disaster from the beginning. Instead it took the administration nine days before they realized they had equipment in the Department of Defense that could have helped contain the spill. Instead, they tried to disperse the oil slick which in all likelihood made matters worse. Instead of burning the oil off the surface the administration did little. Now twelve days later the administration wants you to know they are on the job and it is all British Petroleum's fault.

I have news for Obama and his administration. It doesn't matter who's fault it is right now. The oil spill happened. We need a response and everyone must work together as a team to clean this mess up. We can worry about laying blame later right now we need leader not someone that will pin blame and pass the buck. By not responding appropriately this oil slick is about to ruin the entire Gulf Coast. This non-response by the administration is worse than Katrina ever was.


Anonymous said...

The Lizard is back! Nice new look. Of course all they do is point fingers! They're Democrats! That's what they do! Can't wait for November, these assclowns and the Pathetic Pawns are going to get the electoral bloodbath that they so richly deserve!

HeyJude said...

Glad to be reading another post of yours Lizard.

I've been wondering the same thing. And when I heard Robert Gibbs say that we would "have our boots on the throat of BP", I found the imagery chilling.