Thursday, May 20, 2010

Obama is Sending The World Into the Second Dark Age

When the Roman Empire began to collapse, the cultural center of the world crumbled and created a vacuum of cultural, intellectual, and military power. This vacuum of power enabled the birth of the Islamic religion. Islam spread outward from the Arabic cultural center of Mecca to the Chinese border in the east to the European Atlantic Coast in the west. Civilization should have learned its history lesson. The fall of the Roman empire left a vacuum and spawned a religion based upon intolerance of other faiths and ideas. The economic collapse of Western Europe that coincided with the Fall of the Roman empire led to the Dark Ages.

The Dark ages were a time of little cultural, philosophical, and intellectual advances. The world stagnated for a thousand years. The birth of Islam and its spread to throughout the near East, the Middle East, and Southwestern Europe was brought about because there was no cultural center and no world power. The so called civilized world was helpless against the spread of hatred against thy neighbor. The tribal infighting distracted Europe as the Muslim hordes forced their religion of hate upon the conquered.

Today, we are seeing some of the very same factors that contributed to the fall of Rome. The world super power is being led by the ultimate appeaser. America is presided over by a man that hates America, a man that will sell his country out for the sole purpose of being "liked" around the world. Instead of leading a super power and changing the world for the better, Obama has forsaken American power and ingenuity to appease the world's tyrants. Obama is systematically dismantling the American way of life. He is sapping the strength and will from the American people. Instead of promoting entrepreneurship, Obama instead practices redistribution of wealth. Instead of rewarding ingenuity, Obama rewards inability. Obama's chief initiative will necessarily wreak havoc on the entire health care industry. As Obama, saps the system for money it will come with a price tag. That price tag will come in the form of limiting funding for research and development. There will be no advances in medical technology or medical breakthroughs as there will be no money for it. I have been in the hospitals of countries that have instituted Socialized medicine. Let me tell you it isn't pretty. European hospitals have the look of 1950's American hospitals. The only medical improvements in Europe come from American ingenuity because their system has no money for medical advancement.

Obama has pilfered away America's Military strength. Iran and North Korea will have nuclear weapons before Obama leaves office if they don't already have them. North Korea knew they could attack South Korea unprovoked because the US would do nothing except run the the UN security council. Islamic fundamentalist are planning attacks against America because they know Obama will sit the sidelines and blame America if we are attacked. There have been two recent brazen attacks by the Taliban on American bases in Afghanistan have gone unpunished. In fact this administration wants to enter appeasement dialog with the Taliban. Additionally, this administration wants to enter into dialog with another terrorist organization, Hezbollah. Obama already squandered away our missile defense system to defend our NATO allies to appease Russia, now he is forsaking another American ally in Israel.

Our economy is a train wreck waiting to happen. The European Union is learning quickly about accepting massive debt and high private unemployment. Rather learn lessons from a collapsing Europe Obama is doubling down at warp speed. The trillion dollar annual deficits under Obama will make the American economy implode under the weight of her debt. Obama is not redistributing wealth he is destroying wealth. The $13 trillion national debt is already impossible to pay. By the time Obama leaves office we will be over 100% debt to GDP.

As the world's sole super power falls and declines over the next few years we will leave not only a military power vacuum but also a cultural and intellectual vacuum. Obama is leading America into decline and we may never be able to recover. We won't recover if Obama has anything to say about it. America will become nothing but a bit player in world affairs. I only wonder what will lead us to the second renaissance. What will rise up to fill the vacuum? Will another fanatical religion rise or will the Islamic fundamentalist realize their dream of converting the world to their hateful religion?

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Anonymous said...

Though we can hold the line for awhile, the tide of leftist defeatism will overrun us. It is inevitable, it is human nature. People are tribal animals, and inherently socialistic. The average human strives to cheat as much as he can get away with inside an otherwise socialistic system. This is why socialism doesn't work. The real altruistic types are eventually always thwarted and outbred by the cheaters. Will Islam rule after we fall, I doubt it. If the modern Islamic world has proven anything, it's that it isn't organized enough to pull that off.