Sunday, May 9, 2010

Obama Golfs While the Gulf Burns and Tennessee Drowns

Obama is obviously exhausted from all of his non action in the past couple of weeks that he required a day of golfing to relax.

Instead of being on top of the Oil spill in the Gulf, Obama ducked any questions and passed the blame on British petroleum. The administration underestimated the oil spill and did absolutely nothing until the spill was entirely out of control. We are now starting to see "Oil Blobs" show up on the outer Islands of the Gulf Coast states including Louisiana and Alabama.

The streets of Tennessee are under water and yet there has been no response from this President. Instead he found it more important to incite riots with his polished anti-American rhetoric than it was to take care of a State that was under water. This is the most Politically divisive administration our country has ever had. Instead of treating every American equally, the only ones that he caters to are the ones that will vote for him in 2012.

Obama knows Tennessee will vote for the Republican and he has no chance in that State so why should he care that they are under water. It took Obama less than 12 hours to denounce the Arizona law the forces the State officials to enforce federal law, while it took him over 12 days to respond to the oil spill in the Gulf. With the past couple of weeks of destruction caused by this administration, we now have teachers openly advocating for a revolution. La Raza is rallying the troops in favor of illegal immigration while this administrations urges them on ward. We have American children thrown out of school for wearing the American flag on the shirts, while we have a teacher inciting riots at a La Raza rally wrapping himself in a Mexican flag in California being hailed as some kind of hero. What is wrong with us as a country?

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Anonymous said...

We are through the looking glass. If I were a man of faith, I'd believe us to be in the Last Days. We will continue to destroy the good in order to prop up evil until there is nothing left. If it were f*(&*&g Detroit under water, there'd be an international state of emergency and they'd be throwing billions of dollars at it (not effectively, mind you. But throwing billions nonetheless.).