Sunday, May 30, 2010

Nothing But Excuses From Obama

The Deepwater Horizon oil rig disaster is spewing millions of gallons of oil into the Gulf of Mexico. The environmental and economical impact will be felt for years. Yet all we hear out of the Obama administration is a pointing finger of blame, while the pathetic pawns in the media find excuses for the administration.

The response by this administration has been nothing short of ridiculous. First there was no response for 12 days. Then finally there was a response from the administration but it was one of excuses. The Department of Homeland Security didn't even know the military had resources that could have contained the spill. Instead of calling experts together to hash out ideas for plugging the leak this administration immediately started to point fingers. First they pointed fingers at British Petroleum. Now they are calling this "Bush's Second Katrina". The problem is that will plenty of time for finding blame after the rig stops spewing its toxins into the Ocean. We do not require a lecture on who is to blame. What we need is action.

The President had to be shamed into even visiting the area. Of course the President is enraged. His golf game is being interrupted. Obama probably understands that another picture of him golfing while the oil continues to dump into the Gulf would probably leave his approval rating in Jimmy Carter ranges. Obama is proving that is nothing more than a mouthpiece. A great reader of others words. Obama needs to stop laying blame, stop with the excuses, and start doing what is expected of Government. Here is a clue we don't think Government should be mandating health insurance for everyone but we do expect the government to protect our shores. We expect government to Secure our country against all enemies and right now the enemy is the oil spewing from the Deepwater Horizon. The Louisiana Governor had to stop waiting for Government approval and move forward with building sand bars around the coast to stop the oil from inundating the fragile marshes. Where is Obama, well he is on vacation. The pathetic pawns are covering for him by telling us that the President has more to worry about than an oil spill. I think we understand that there is much to running our great country but that is no excuse for the lack of response from Obama. The oil rig explosion is not obama's fault. However, the lack of a response is Obama's fault and Obama's fault alone. It takes more than words to to clean up after an oil spill. Stop the excuses, stop laying blame, get off the golf course and start paying attention to the Gulf.

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Anonymous said...

Why would he stop blaming now? It's what got him elected, and the people eat it up because it's evil "Big Oil."