Monday, May 24, 2010

Misspent Priorities

Another day and there is another $165 billion bailout proposal to another Democrat special interest group. Instead of worrying about paying back the $13 Trillion we are already in debt, Senator Bob Casey (D) from Pennsylvania has proposed the ridiculous bailout package for unions.

Unions are just another organization driven by corporate greed. Unions are just as responsible for the collapse of the auto industry as are the corporate board members. The greed by unions is unreal. Just last week, unions pledged to spend $100 million to support the Democrats and now we see the Democrats are paying them back with $165 billion taxpayer dollars. This is despicable behavior.

Obama does a head fake and claims to want to reign in government spending, yet the democrats including Obama are more than happy proposes ridiculous spending on unions. Perhaps if unions bailed themselves out instead on spending money on politicians the kickbacks wouldn't be necessary. Unions quit being about workers a long time ago. Unions have transitioned into nothing more than political henchmen for the political elite in the Democrat party. I have four words for the Democrats "Quit spending our money".

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Anonymous said...

They'll be spending our money until there isn't any left. Then they'll start to devour us.