Sunday, May 16, 2010

Misplaced Priorities

The current administration has a few misplaced priorities. While the Gulf was on fire and Tennessee was under water this administration instead decided it was better to attack the State of Arizona. Rather than react to one of the largest oil spills on record, Obama instead pointed the finger of blame. Instead of assisting the people of Tennessee Obama instead found the time to golf. instead of helping keep our people safe and secure Obama decided it was better to incite riots in the streets of Phoenix.

This administration is so intent on destroying Democracy in America that he will point the finger of blame when it suits his agenda. When the Oil rig exploded in the Gulf obama sat be the sidelines and made cries from the bully pulpit to raise the fines that could be levied on the oil companies. Rather than call on the Air Fore and Navy who have equipment to deal with such environmental disasters Obama allowed this to get out of hand. We are no closer to resolving the oil spill than we were a month ago and all Obama can do is say he is doing everything while only pointing the finger at British Petroleum. Instead of averting the disaster and finding out what exactly is going on, Obama instead said it didn't matter how large the spill was as long as BP paid the costs.

In Tennessee, Nashville was under water. A great natural disaster. Yet Obama could not find the time to even tell the residents of Tennessee that America was behind them and would be there for them. Instead of sending FEMA and averting another disaster Obama left the residents of Tennessee to fend for themselves. Keeping Americans safe and secure is the job of the President and our government.

Yet Obama incited riots over enforcement of our immigration laws. The administration has hammered away at Arizona over enforcing Federal Law. Obama whines that it is anti immigration in an effort to pander to the Hispanics. His administration didn't even take the time to read the 17 pages of the bill. Instead of reading and telling America how it could be made better. Obama instead decided to ridicule Arizona without any facts.

The same thing happened in Cambridge when without reading the facts Obama slammed the stupid Police. This is nothing more than misplaced priorities. Instead on focusing on his job, obama instead focuses on his next election. This is about being in power and not being responsible. Obama wants all of the authority and none of the responsibility that goes with it. This is leadership from the rear, which is to say it is not leadership at all.


Anonymous said...

What can we say, other than if we wanted a take-charge kind of guy as president, we would have surely elected someone else. Obama would rather let this get out of hand, then blame "Big Oil" for everything evil in the world, and then sell cap & trade as the solution for "Green Energy."

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