Saturday, May 22, 2010

Inciting Riots and Pointing Fingers is Un-American

I have news for the elitist dolts in the media; President Obama's actions are UnAmerican. Any time an American President incites riots and points the finger of blame for failures on others that is not the American way. We are a Nation of winners, a Nation that believes in coming together for a common cause; a Nation that stands alone in the world promoting Liberty and Freedom. We are not a Nation of thugs; we are not a Nation for the elitists by the elitists. Rand Paul is absolutely correct; Obama's actions surrounding the BP oil rig disaster are unAmerican.

Twelve days after the BP disaster the administration finally paid some attention to the disaster in the first place. The Department of Homeland defense didn't even know a sister cabinet member had tools to assist in containing the oil leak. To this day the administration has done nothing except demand investigations for the cause. This administration has done nothing point the finger at BP and tell the American people they will hold BP accountable. My question is who is keeping this administration accountable. Instead of offering assistance and containing the damage this administration points the finger of blame. Right now it doesn't matter what happened. Right now it doesn't matter who is to blame. Right now it doesn't matter who is accountable. What matters is containing the spill and keeping the oil from destroying our fragile ecosystems around the beaches and marshes. Pointing the finger of blame is not bringing Americans together in a common cause. Instead of uniting together and bringing forth American ingenuity and will power, this Administration instead divided the Nation along political lines.

Instead of paying attention to the Floods in Tennessee the President decided it was better to incite riots surrounding the Arizona immigration enforcement law and another failed bill aimed at destroying our financial sector. Obama is personally responsible for inciting riots in and around Arizona and in Maryland on private property. Obama himself allowed a foreign leader trash an American State in the Rose garden while he sat idly by. Obama is responsible for the very law he portends to disagree with. It is Obama's own anti immigration policies that necessitated the Arizona law to enforce our Federal Laws.

It is words that Obama uses like when he was caught aiding and abetting the financial bonuses while they were being bailed out. Obama and his administration knew about these bonuses and agreed they would be paid until the middle of America became outraged. Obama then used a little misdirection and claimed he was the only thing standing between the executives and people with pitchforks. Comments like this enabled his SEIU thugs to feel they were a protected class in this administration. SEIU now busses in thugs to riot on Private property.

Obama your words and actions have empowered the thugs at you favorite labor unions to believe they are above the law and can destroy private property. I have news the point Rand Paul was making are right on target, Inciting riots and pointing the finger of blame is un-American.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, all thugs need muscle. The SEIU is that muscle.