Friday, May 21, 2010

The Illiterate Left

The left refuses o read the Arizona law and yet they scream racism and demand a boycott of the State. Instead of using their high priced private education to read the bill and develop a well thought out debate of the points, the left uses lies to trash the residents of Arizona. Perhaps the left forgets: Elections have consequences. Isn't that what the left said in regards to passing an unpopular health care bill through Congress?

I have no idea why the left refuses to read. My only conclusion is that the high priced Ivy league schools didn't teach actually reading in their curriculum. While the people of this country that can't afford the Ivy elite we have to learn to read in public schools. What good is the Harvard education if a graduate can't read 20 pages. No one in this administration admits to having read the bill and yet the administration allowed the leader from south of the border to rebuke Arizona. The left in the joint session of Congress stood and gave a standing ovation to Calderone even though his own Anti-Immigration laws are more restrictive than our own. Not only does the left refuse to read but now they are refusing to do their job.

The State of Arizona passed a simple law designed to enforce the Federal statutes regarding immigration. Now the head of Immigration and Customs Enforcement ( John Morton) refuses to do his job. I'm sure that Obama instructed Morton to refuse and will throw him under the bus if the heat is too hot. If ICE refuses to do their job why are we the taxpayers funding them? Morton must resign as he is a disgrace to ICE, The office of the President, and to the United States of America. I don't know how he can get up in the mornings and look at himself in the mirror. John Morton you are a disgusting traitor to your country.

The left needs to grow up and return to school. Maybe if they went to a public school they would learn to read. Being illiterate is correctable with real educations. Going through life faking it is disgraceful. Passing judgment without any facts is un-American.

Read the Arizona Law here. We know the elitists are illiterate but at least us public education graduates can prove we are not illiterate.


Anonymous said...

They're not illiterate, they're being purposefully obtuse. If they punt and yell racism, nothing will get done, which is what they want. Obama is going to send troops to the border. Why? To have soldiers there while not enforcing the border, so he can later claim that "even with troops there" that it cannot be done. And what's with McCain all of a sudden? He's now magically FOR enforcing the border, when the dude's been pro amnesty for years.

Anonymous said...

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