Monday, May 17, 2010

Human Rights Apology

The Obama administration is selling America out on Human Rights issues. Obama’s State Department on its own decided to bring up the Arizona Immigration bill as an example American Human Rights abuses. The Justice Department hasn’t even read the Arizona bill which in all likelihood means the State Department hasn’t either, yet the administration uses the bill as an example of abuse.

China is country that doesn’t allow political dissent. Tiananmen square in the not distant past is a prime example of the Chinese abuses. Another example is the ethic abuses towards the Uigher and others in Tibet. The Chinese are cracking down on political dissent and has a recent history of calling in military forces including running tanks through Tiananmen Square. The US relations with China are sour due to this administration meeting with the Dalia Lama and our arms sales to Taiwan. Yet this administration has the audacity to apologize for the Arizona bill that it hasn’t even taken the time to read.

This administration is a joke. The President cracks jokes and makes fun of those he disagrees with. Obama made a crude remark concerning the Special Olympics on Leno. The media gave him a pass. The President chastised the Supreme Court during his State of the Union address and the press hailed Obama as some kind of hero all because of a ruling Obama personally disagreed with. Obama came out swinging against the Cambridge police even though he had zero facts. Obama came out immediately after the Arizona bill passed without even reading it. Obama made illegal immigration a big joke at a black tie affair. Now the administration brings the Arizona Bill up all on its own as an example of American transgressions.

Obama portrays the bill as anti-immigrant. Nothing could be further from the truth. The bill simply enforces federal law that is already on the books. This administration will not even investigate before opening their mouth. Obama doesn’t believe in Separation of powers. Obama won’t allow the courts to do their jobs. It is Obama’s way or the highway. I have news for Obama, The President of the United States serves at the convenience of the people of the United States. Obama may desire being a dictator or believe he has the divine right of the monarchy but he does not. Stop apologizing Obama and start getting your facts together before shooting from the hip. Mr. Obama you are looking amateurish and incapable of leading, please grow up before you ruin America for centuries to come.

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Anonymous said...

He's just doing what he was elected to do. His base, who believe everything that they were taught in college, eats this stuff up. Idiots in this country love to hear about our "oppression" and our "abuses." It boggles the mind that they don't understand that if this country were what they pretend it is, they'd all be in prison or dead. A bunch of PC crap.