Thursday, May 20, 2010

Democrats: Anti-American

After yesterday and today there is no doubt that the American left hates their country. Yesterday the President of Mexico chastised America while our President sat silent. Today Calderone attacked America and the Democrats stood and gave him a standing ovation. Instead of standing up for America the left allows foreign leaders attack our country on our own soil.

The American left has shown their true colors. They are a traitorous bunch that have forsaken their family for a few Latino votes. In an effort to control the Latino vote in the upcoming mid term elections the Democrats gave a standing ovation to a thug that encourages his people to enter America illegally, while cracking down on illegals in his own country. The behavior of the Democratic leadership from the President on down is nothing if not a high crime against this country.

Whether you agree or disagree with the law in Arizona is no reason to allow a foreign country to attack the laws of this country. Let me explain this another way. Let us assume a family of 50 brother and sisters. We all know there will be sibling rivalries and disagreements among the 50 brother and sisters. At times the siblings may come to blows and attack each. However, in the end, if someone else attacks our sibling we are all family and come to each others defense. That is what siblings do. They defend each other even while they may have disagreements amongst themselves.

When Calderone attacked Arizona it was an attack on the United States. We are the United States of America all of the time. We don't kick our siblings off the Island because we disagree with something. We haven't kicked California out of the United States for being a public welfare recipient and we shouldn't kick Arizona out either. We fought a civil war to keep South Carolina from seceding yet the Democrats whoop and holler and cheer on a Foreign President attacking one of the States. The actions of the Democrats yesterday and today show they are truly Anti-America.

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Anonymous said...

Hey! The Democrats didn't sell out America for a few votes! They did it for whole shitload of illegal votes! And with all those people legal, Republicans can sleep at night knowing that the price of labor will be nice and depressed for several decades! Sounds like a win-win to me.