Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Blumenthal: Fantasy Man

All I can say is that Richard Blumenthal (D) Connecticut is disgusting. The Connecticut Attorney General has been making the claim that he was in Vietnam when indeed he never stepped foot in the theatre. Through his speaking engagements and campaign speeches Blumenthal has been alluding that he indeed was a Veteran of a Foreign War and allowed the media and voters believe that he was an American hero that was spat upon when he redeployed home. Blumenthal intentionally parsed his words to deceive his constituents until he himself began to believe his deception and lies. Yes an intentional attempt to deceive is lying no matter how the lie is rationalized.

I don’t want to take anything away from Blumenthal’s service to his country in trying times. It is a fact that Blumenthal did serve in the Marine Corps Reserves in the 1970’s. However, there is a difference between serving in the military during time of war and serving your country inside a war zone. Even one of his fellow supporters (Chris Shays) explained how he watched in horror as Blumenthal kept adding onto the story of service through the years. Blumenthal at first intentionally parsed enough words that unless specifically inquired with regards to being in country, he could use plausible deniability and claim his remarks were taken out of context. However, as time went on Blumenthal became bolder with his remarks until it became clear to a listener that he was claiming to be veteran that fought in a war zone instead of veteran that served during time of war. Blumenthal not only allowed the claims to go unchecked he also added fuel to the fire. Blumenthal is a desperate politician that can’t stand on his own merits.

Blumenthal had to intentionally deceive millions of voters in order to gain some modicum of credibility on Veterans issues. There is no doubt Blumenthal championed veteran causes. The problem isn’t that Blumenthal served his country honorably. No the problem is that Blumenthal build a character around visions of grandeur and didn’t expect to get caught. Blumenthal was being lawyerly and parsing words to create a false image of himself. The problem is that Blumenthal began to believe in his fantasy and forgot about the reality.

Blumenthal has shown his true character. Blumenthal is a man of no principles. He will be nothing more than another rubber stamp of approval on the Obama Socialist agenda. A man that has no principles will fall for anything. A man with no principles will say anything to retain power. Blumenthal is nothing but a liar. Instead of being a man that will fix what is broken in Washington, Blumenthal will become a part of what is the problem. If Blumenthal was a man he would withdraw his name from consideration of the Connecticut Senate vacancy. If Blumenthal was a man of principle he would step down as Attorney General. Blumenthal is a fictional man build on lies. Blumenthal is shallow and should not be considered as Senatorial material.

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Anonymous said...

He'll go down in November's bloodbath.