Sunday, May 9, 2010

Anti-Incumbent Sentiment

Yesterday the anti incumbent sentiment in America was on full display. Utah has decided that three term Senator Bob Bennett should not be in the Senate in the future. Instead Utah will be deciding between two fine Republicans to represent the Republican party in the general election.

Don't cry over Bob Bennett's loss, he went against his principles and help enact the largest spending bill in American history. Mr. Bennett was an enabler of ever rising deficits and pushing us off the tracks. Perhaps the anti incumbent frustration will again elect individuals who will represent their constituents. We need to take our country back from the elitists. This is a start. the establishment candidates are not faring very well this year. Remember Charlie Crist? yeah he lost to Rubio and is now licking his wounds hoping to win as an independent.

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Anonymous said...

This is our only hope. Republican or Democrat, throw the bums out! Always excepting Ron Paul, of course. We must be wary, however. The Republicans are playing a game in the California race for governor. One needs only to look at that primary to see that the Republicans do not have their s*$t together.