Friday, April 2, 2010

Have They No Shame?????

The pathetic pawns in the media has been busy spinning the tea party activists as being violent, racist, and homophobes. John Lewis claims he heard racial epithets at least 15 times. Emanuel Cleaver claimed he was spat on, and Barney Frank accused the protesters of calling him a faggot. The media moved on these stories with lightning speed. The only problem is the pathetic pawns had no proof. All they had was a plan to smear, libel, and slander the tea party protesters.

According to Jack Cashill from the "American Thinker", William Douglas from McClatchy had an 800 word piece complete with interviews and quotes within 90 minutes. No one heard the racial comments nor were the comments captured on camera. The pathetic pawns didn't care that there was no proof. The pathetic pawns only cared that the Democrats were going to pass the failed health reform bill. The pathetic pawns understood how unpopular this bill was in the eyes of the American people. The pathetic pawns decided they needed a story to change the subject from the unethical Democrats and spin a web of deceit to create a smoke screen from which the Democrats could escape.

It seems John Lewis and Emanuel Cleaver were in collusion with the pathetic pawns. They knew there were about to pass legislation against the will of the people. Pelosi led them out into the middle of a protest to incite violence. They made up a story that no matter what happened they would scream racism. The pathetic pawns were in on the slander plan and committed libel to remove the light from the Democrats. Cleaver today denies ever making the vicious and untrue attacks. John Lewis refuses to say anything because the pathetic pawns accomplished their mission. The pathetic pawns pushed the stories and all America talked about for the past two weeks is the "right wing violence".

The pathetic pawns owe Americans and apology. The pathetic pawns owe a huge debt to society for their libelous stories. The pathetic pawns unwillingness to seek the truth means they are nothing more than a propaganda machine. Americans need to wake up. The pathetic pawns are pushing their liberal agenda and they do not care what means they have to use to get their agenda across the line.

This isn't the first time the pathetic pawns took sides and pushed their agenda. Just look back to the 2000 election. The news outlets knew the election was going to be close. Their exits polls showed Florida would be a close election. The pathetic pawns called Florida before the polls had completely closed in the State. The pathetic pawns attempted to change the will of the people and influence an election. The same pathetic pawns pushed forged documents just before the 2004 election. Dan Rather lost his job but he should have lost his freedom. America is owed an apology. The pathetic pawns need to come clean and resign their positions. The pathetic pawns need to quite trying to convince themselves that they are truly unbiased and non partisan.


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Anonymous said...

In short, no, they have absolutely no shame! If people on the right were 1/20th as violent as the Pathetic Pawns make them out to be, they would not be alive to complain today. It's all a diversion. Remember, The Left always acuses the The Right of doing what The Left has either just done or is about to do.