Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Where's Obama?? Pelosi is leaning against an up or down vote

Where is the President? For the last week o two the President has been out campaigning for his failed health care bill. In many if not all of his speeches Obama is demanding an up or down vote. Yet remains silent and on the sidelines while Pelosi and the House Democrat leadership propose passing the senate bill by fiat.

The Slaughter rule proposed by Pelosi is to "politically" protect Democrats. Pelosi understands that Americans are openly hostile in their contempt for both the original House bill and the Senate bill. Instead of heeding the direction of the "people" of the United States, Pelosi and the Democrats are intent on the government takeover of Health Care and "Slaughtering" Democracy in America.

Pelosi does not have the votes, that's why "no one wants to vote on the Senate bill". Pelosi knows that it will be more palatable to wavering Democrats who wouldn't have to vote on the Senate bill to begin with. The Democrats could blame Obama "fix" and claim they didn't really vote for the bribes, kickbacks, and ugly partisanship. The Democrats know both their bill and the Senate bill can not pass on the merits. Pelosi, Reid and Obama also know the Obama fix couldn't pass on its merits. The Democrats have been working on this hostile takeover for 15 months and still can't produce a bi-partisan plan that can pass both the House and the Senate in a normal process. The Democrats are resorting to gimmicks, tricks, and lies to ram through version of Socialism on America.

The President and his mouth piece Robert Gibbs are remaining silent on the Slaughter rule. Instead of enforcing Obama's own demand for an up or down vote Obama is allowing Pelosi to "deem" a bill passed. By definition this is a rule by fiat, a rule that when you have no other means become a dictator. Our founding fathers are rolling over in their graves. This inept and arrogant Democrat Party are destroying a Nation. As I said yesterday, this will ruin Democracy forever in our country. No matter which party is in power our government will be run for the Political Party's by the Political Party's. The people are no longer represented. Our paid for Representatives are only representing their Party.

To paraphrase the President "the people" only have a voice during elections. After all the campaign lies are over and "we the people" vote for whomever we believe to be the lesser of two evils, "we the people" are no longer relevant. All that matter after the election is which Party controls which governing body. Our government was supposed to have "checks and balances" to avoid what we are now seeing happen. However, when the executive and legislative Branches are colluding to destroy the Nation what is left to stop them? The Democrats are proving they are incapable of promoting Democracy. Step up Mr. President, you have been clamoring for an up or down vote, now is the time to demand an up or down vote and not rule by fiat.

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Anonymous said...

People need to stop thinking of Repubs and Dems as political parties. Folks need to see them for what they are, gangsters. They are rival gangs that we increasingly pay for protection. The US is one giant protection racket.