Saturday, March 6, 2010

Where Is The Pivot Towards Jobs????

Leading up the the President's State of the Union Address the administration floated trial balloons concerning a renewed focus and pivot towards jobs and the economy. The President spoke of a renewed energy and focus on the economy. The Democrats promised action. Instead what we received is a renewed energy on the failed Health Reform takeover and further movement away from jobs and the economy towards radical immigration and energy reform. The President and his minions are not listening to the American people. The President and his minions are out of touch with reality.

Yesterday, Harry Reid said "Today is a big day in America, only 36,000 people lost their jobs today, which is really good." What alternate universe does he live in? Since when is a loss of 36,000 jobs really good? I am unsure of what to trust between government numbers. There were huge increases in first time unemployment claims in two of the last three weeks of February, yet there were only 36,000 jobs lost. Unemployment remained unchanged yet the U6 report increased from 16.5% to 16.8%. A statistical event in January brought the unemployment rate down to 9.7 percent.Every January the last census reading are updated, so the bottom line is the pool size changed not the health of the economy. The underlying numbers are of mixed results. Temporary employment has increased. On the other hand, average hours worked per week declined. I know the President and his Democrat minions in Congress would love to be able to make believe they care but they have been telling us since last April all about the "green shoots". Sorry those green shoots have done nothing to grow the economy. I know the cheerleaders in the press are pushing the temporary employment numbers but remain silent on the numbers of hours worked.

Here is the bottom line. The Obama economy is a disaster. The Obama Health Care reform is a disaster. Obama's liberal policies are a disaster. Obama's pivot to the economy and jobs is all talk and no action. Unemployment will not really decline without further "technical accounting" changes until businesses increase the number of hours worked per week. Temporary workers may continue to be hired which is some good news but real declines in unemployment will only occcur after the number of hours worked increases. The Pivot towards jobs was all talk to turn the attention away from health care so the President and his minions could devise a scheme to run his takeover of health care through Congress against the people's will under the cover of darkness. There was no pivot towards jobs. The President and his minions just stepped on the gas driving us further into the ditch.

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Anonymous said...

There was no pivot towards jobs because jobs aren't important to this gang of clowns! The Pathetic Pawns carry their water while these thugs gut our way of life. Citizens with jobs don't need the @#^%ing government!!!!