Sunday, March 21, 2010

Washington Just Isn't Listening

The President nor the Democrats in Congress are listening to the American people. The House is about to embark on a march over the cliff with all of their unprincipled partisan members. Instead of taking a step back and realizing is a back burner issue when compared to 9.7 unemployment and impending disaster in the housing market the Democrats have decided to make their last stand today for health care. We must ask ourselves how in the world do they think they can benefit by ignoring the cries of the people.

The scheme is to have health care pass and then fade into the background. The Democrats will press onward with their radical agenda including cap and trade, card check, and immigration. These votes will be easier for the Democrats and harder for the Republicans. The scheme is to relegate the Republicans to the sidelines and hide their woeful conduct in the health care debate. The hope is that the economy naturally recovers and they Democrats are able to hold off the Republicans and remain in power after the 2010 elections.

The whole premise of the Democrats is Americans will forget about health care once it passes. They feel we as Americans will forget the shenanigans and forget all of the awful parts of this bill. That is why they have pushed back the painful aspects of their policy until after 2012. The only parts that get initiated now are popular provisions that could have passed in a bi-partisan manner. Instead the Democrats hid their true agenda and by the time 2014 hits it will be way to late to correct the bill. The Democrats will have succeeded in thwarting the will of the people and force everyone to continuously fix a health care law that should have never been passed. The hope is the people will forget. Just like the people forgot that it was the failed Democrat policies that ruined our financial system.

However, Americans are weary and now understand that they voted in a radical agenda. The people now understand that the failed stimulus did nothing for the economy except spend America into oblivion. When America finds out that the social security lock box is really empty the Democrats are in trouble. When America finds the Medicare bill is coming due and their are no funds to pay the Democrats are in trouble. When the Democrats have to continuously fix their bill with new taxes and new deathly cuts to promised benefits, the Democrats are in trouble.

The spin is always "shouldn't everyone have health care?" or "if it was your mother that sick wouldn't you want her to be cared for?". These are rhetorical questions and they are not grounded in reality. The answer of course is yes in theory. In reality the answer is yes within the constraints of available resources. Right now the available resources are not there to pay for these debacles. Social Security is cashing in the IOU's in the lock box. Medicare will have nothing left in 6 short years. We are already paying for 99 weeks of unemployment benefits. None of these issues is being resolved by further indebtedness. Bottom line is America can not afford the Utopian Ideals of the Democratic party.

There is a way to avoid this. Today the moderate Democrats need to vote on principle. Vote for the American people and vote this health care takeover bill down. Then after voting the bill down vote out the liberal speaker. Work with the Republicans and get them to vote for one of the Moderate Democrats as Speaker. Then set an agenda for America. Set out and really fix what ails Health care in America. Work bills from the center outward until there is a consensus that can pass with bi-partisan support. Be Statesman like Moderates and take our country back. There is no reason to follow the liberals off the cliff. Take charge and do what is right. Americans are tired of the two political party's dividing the Nation. When the Party leadership starts out from the Center of their party and works out to get to a 50% +1 vote that is the problem. Work from the moderates outward and bills will more easily pass and Americans will see the responsivness of government.

Stop letting the Special interests own your votes. Stop allowing the party bases rule your vote. Vote your principles, vote for your constituents, and vote for your country. Voting your conscious instead of your party and you will be liberated. There is still time own your vote. Don't be a lemming and follow the Democratic Leadership off the cliff. Your liberal leadership have nothing to worry about., They will be voted in office until the cows come home. They may be in the minority after November but they will have a job. The moderates will be left holding the bag wondering what might have been.

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Anonymous said...

They're not listening for just the reasons you've stated. You're spot on. They believe the voters will forget, and even if they don't, most of the liberal leadership are in districts that will still vote them in (Ex. Pelosi ain't goin' nowhere).