Sunday, March 7, 2010

Unbelievable: Obama Still Unwilling to Take Ownership

President Obama has been in office for near 30% of his term and still his administration refuses to take ownership of the economy. Today Valerie Jarrett interviewed with Newsweek and blamed the Bush administration for the economy. This is unbelievable. The President promised in the State of the Union to "pivot" towards jobs and the economy. Instead we got another last ditch effort to save the President's unpopular Health Reform.

We are well into our 4th year of Democratic control of Congress. The same Congress where the President was a Senator. In the 3+ years of Democratic control in Congress we have seen our first of many trillion dollar deficits. We have gone from record tax receipts into the government coffers to receiving so little in revenue that we are running monthly deficits. Last April, a month where it is hard to spend more than the government takes in the Obama administration managed just that. We have 9.7% unemployment. The only reason the unemployment rate is under 10% is because the census report came in and made the pool larger. We have the highest foreclosure rate since the great depression. Yet all we hear from the administration is we inherited this mess.

Instead of focusing on jobs, the President focused on the government takeover of health care. Instead of renewed interest in the economy as promised, the President has moved all-in on health care and has started to advance his liberal energy proposal and immigration reform. Right now we need more than words to fix the economy. It has become obvious that this administration is unable and unwilling to set the economy on the path to recovery. America's resiliency will make the economy recover in spite of this administrations best efforts to derail the economy. The question is how long will it take and what will it take for the liberals to realize their Socialist ideals are bankrupting our country.

California is unable to pay its bills. California is on the verge of defaulting on the State's obligations. There is no way California will be able to recover. California has enacted many of the liberal policies Obama's desires for the Nation. Michigan is another State that has been done in by liberal policies and special interests. Michigan has the highest unemployment in the country and no future industry to fill in the gap. The Unions have forced both California and Michigan into the ditch and the Obama administration is pushing the rest of the country along the same path.

To me it is totally unbelievable that after 13 and a half months this administration refuses to take ownership of the economy. It amazes me that this administration is so focused on destroying America that they are missing what is important to America. Had this administration succeeded in turning the economy around and kept unemployment under 8% as promised there is little doubt America would be much further down the path of destruction. I thought Liberals were supposed to be intelligent? Obviously they are not that bright because if they had focused on what is important to Americans they would have been able to solidify their gains and made the permanent majority they so desperately crave. Instead they have dropped the ball and continuously pass the blame onto someone else.


Anonymous said...

They will never take ownership. The Pathetic Pawns still carry his water. "He's doing the best he can!", they scream. Well, he just said no to all off-shore drilling for the next three years. Let's put that in our pipes and smoke it!

Anonymous said...

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