Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Smoke Screens

The pro death party in America is inciting riots in American streets. The radical socialists have initiated lies to incite the riots in an attempt to change the American attitude towards their hostile takeover of the American economy. The cries of racism were the Pro-Death Party’s plan all along. Push the racism and violence themes until Americans forget the Congress forsaking the will of the people. This is classic bait and switch. The President, the Democrats, and the liberals lost the debate to the American people so now they have to change the subject. The vicious lies told by the pro death party are meant to distract so the President has an opportunity to pull of his illusionary trick. The President and his faithful legions have crashed democracy in America, now they have to hide the evidence behind a cloud of cries of racism.

Congress rammed a bill through Congress just to appease their base. “Get something through, anything through and all will be fine come November” was the cry of the liberals. “We can fix the horrendous pro death bill later” was the inside dialog. The so-called pro-life Democrats showed their true colors, they have no principles on which to stand. The Stupak alliance was nothing more than a veil of secrecy covering the faces of the Pro-Death Party. Stupak and his merry-men sold out America for a simple Executive Order that will be rescinded in short order and wasn’t intended have teethe or to accomplish anything to begin with. The left knew and understood they were going over the cliff so they knew they had to have some cover. Behind closed doors the Pro Death party schemed away and dreamed up a meme of racism to cover their tracks.

John Lewis, the Congressman that marched through the streets and fought for civil rights became the lightning rod the left needed to hide their shameful antics. John Lewis they screamed will be the poster child for racism. What better person to become the face of racism the civil rights leader. John Lewis was called upon to push forward the lies of chanting racial epithets. The only problem is the American left forgot that we are in the age of You-Tube and that every step of the way was recorded. In the 10 days since the cries of racism began and the claims of protestors hurling racial slurs the left has yet to come up with any evidence whatsoever. Jesse Jackson Jr. videotaped the entire march and yet there is no evidence that the racial slurs ever happened. I guess the left forgot to plant their phony person in the crowd that or they couldn’t find any really willing to hurl the slurs in public. At any rate the left has no evidence that the chants of racial slurs ever happened.

The pathetic pawns run with the story without the evidence to back them up. The pathetic pawns are still pushing the violence and racial slurs even though it was the Republican Head Quarters in Virginia that had two bricks thrown through the windows. The pathetic pawns are writing the stories of violence on the right even though it was the left that vandalized the Tea Party buses in Nevada. It is the pathetic pawns describing violence when it was Republican Eric Cantor who had the death threats and not a pro death democrat.
In the end the racism meme is made up. The Pro Death Democrats need a strawman in which to attack to take the attention away from their Socialist plans. Is there any doubt that the President carefully orchestrated his “unannounced” trip to Afghanistan ala George Bush? Is there any doubt the race baiters in this country use the very voting bloc they claim to be helping? Is there any doubt the pathetic pawns are willing accomplices to the raping of America? The hype over nonexistent violence and racism is an illusion created by the Pro Death Party to hide their true intentions. The Pro Death Democrats will continue to operate under the cover of darkness so long as they believe they can pull off their illusions.


777denny said...

And since when did fact and evidence prevent the Left from pulling a Saul Alinsky make-it-up tactic of smearing their opponents when in doubt, "pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it?"

They are just following their Leader, aren't they?


Sing it with me, will you?!

Thanks for listening,

皓云 said...

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Anonymous said...

These assclowns are pushing into dangerous territory. The Pathetic Pawns keep saying that people protesting this nonsense are violent, but if they keep it up, people may become what is expected of them. People are being pushed too far, and with new cap & trade and amnesty bills coming down the line, it could get a bit nutty. Those two combined with "healthcare" should be called something like the "Universal Permanent Poverty Act of 2010."
Oh, and somebody fire Lindsey Graham!