Saturday, March 20, 2010

Pass The Fix Before The Bill?????

Tomorrow the House will be voting on the destruction of the American economy with the so-called Health Reform Bill. The House is planning on voting for the "reconciliation" bill before passing the Senate Bill. I have a simple question.

If the House passes a bill that changes the Senate language why doesn't that bill have to go back to the Senate to be debated? The House certainly can't pass a bill fixing a bill that doesn't exist yet. So shouldn't the fix have to go back into the Senate. The House would have at some point have voted to change the Senate bill before it became law or for that matter a bill.

Procedurally, the first bill must be written into law before any fixes can be voted on. If the Senate bill isn't passed in the House first doesn't that mean the House will have changed the wording in the Senate bill forcing it back into the Senate for a vote? If the "reconciliation" bill passes first then the Republicans should have an avenue to pursue a filibuster as the House isn't voting on budgetary fixes but rather voting on a new bill all together. They can't vote for fixes before the bill is agreed to first. Go ahead Nancy scheme this bill through. Take it to the courts Republicans the scheme's are anti Democracy, anti-American, and may be flat out illegal.


一個人 said...

任何你憂慮的事,你都應該去採取一點行動,不要只是在那邊想 ..................................................

Anonymous said...

I give up on the hanky-panky. If these clowns want to pass the bill bad enough, they will. Two thngs can save us. First, the Supreme Court can save us from this abomination. Second, If not, the Republicans can run on a platform of destroying it. Barring unheard of voter fraud, the Dems will get slaughtered. Then the Republicans can build some desperately needed credibility by doing what they were elected to do for a change. That would be some real "change."