Thursday, March 18, 2010

Obama Is Damaged Goods

The President is begging for votes for his failed Health Reform bill because he believes his Presidency hangs in the balance. I have news for the President; your presidency is already ruined regardless of the outcome. In the end should the President be able to bribe enough Congressmen to pass his miserable bill Americans will remember in seven short months when they go to the polls. Obama is right, we will vote.

Sure the Democrats may be marginally more motivated to vote after this debacle passes and the gains Republicans will make may not be able to overcome the huge Democratic Party advantage. The problem isn't the 2010 elections for the President. In the end, what will matter is the State of the economy. My feeling is the narcissistic President will see passage of his grand scheme to Socialize America as acceptance towards his radical policies. The President will lose the Republicans and nothing has a chance of passing for the rest of the year or for that matter the rest of his term. There is no doubt Republicans pick up seats in both chambers in 2010. The President has blown all of his political capital on a scheme and a gimmick. Obama will be unable to muster the troops for anymore tough votes and he will have officially lost his own Party. In the grand scheme of things it would be better for the President to lick his wounds and pray for defeat of his bill.

Should his bill fail to pass in the House sure enough the Democrats are doomed in 2010. However, they will have an avenue to recover. After an embarrasing defeat in November the President will have no other choice than to move to the middle. Health Care failure would be a blessing in disguise for the President. There is no doubt the American people are turning on Obama. Not only is the Health Care bill under water by large margins but Obama is also under water in his own approval ratings.

Obama is about to send his Presidency over the Falls with no chance of escape. Democrats will lose big in 2010 the only thing left to be decided is by how much. Pass this fiasco and Obama will lose the Presidency in 2012. Obama will have no chance because he will have alienated both a political party in decline and a political party on the rise. The partisan divide will be immense. Instead of being seen as the "Hope and Change" President he will be seen as the President that bankrupted the Nation.

Should Obamacare fail, the President may be able to save his own legacy. The President would have a new opportunity to govern from the middle instead of from his base. No matter what happens with the upcoming vote Obama will be damaged goods as far as any Democrat is concerned that is in a tight re-election bid. The President is damaged goods and I would venture a guess that Obama isn't smart enough to figure that out.

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Anonymous said...

Obama is going down with the ship. We just need to prevent the Dems from rigging the election. Then we need to make damn sure the Repubs don't take their victory as a mandate to act like the assclowns they have for the past ten years. I don't think they've learned a thing. Demographics is destiny, and Ron Paul is the only Repub who excites anyone under 30, and they treat him like scum. I'm afraid in 2012 they'll run Mitt "Romney Care" "Who Let the Dogs Out?" Romney. Even Obama can beat that guy.