Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Left and the Lies They Tell

On Sunday, Democrats claimed racial slurs were aimed at anti American Congressmen. The Pro death party was enroute to vote on the Anti American bill, also known as health care. Democrats made the claim the racial slurs were hurled at them. One Congress man claimed he was spit upon. Today the President decided to use these claims to raise funds.

The left knows these claims were false. The media now knows the claims were false and yet still pushes the President's agenda. The President and the American left are attempting two things with their outright lies. First they are inciting riots and violence. For some reason the left wants to see angry people in the streets protesting the illegal acts of the Democratic Party. Second while fanning the flames of hatred they are attempting to capitalize by raising funds. The Democrats stand on Tv and claim the Republicans should denounce the violence by claiming it was the Republicans that fueled the fires. I am sorry my friends but the Democrats lied to get the violence started. They started the lies knowing full well the fawning media would broadcast even in the absence of evidence. Yes it was all faked. The spitting incident was a man shouting with his hands forming a megaphone. Nothing intentional as the Democrats and the media portray it as. The racial slurs were not picked by even one video out of thousands that were present.

The Democrats feign outrage at the protests. The Democrats say they can't believe the violence. What else would they expect? The Democrats went against the wishes of the American people and passed a partisan bill taking over 17% of the American economy. This was against the will of the people. The Democrats knew their bill was not only unpopular but absolutely opposed by the majority. The Representatives forgot they were Representatives of the People and now they look dumbfounded that they are being protested.

I am beginning to smell a rat here folks. The Democrats lied about the racial slurs, the Democrats are inciting violence, and the Democrats are fundraising on the violence. All of this grandstanding for financial gain. The left is full of lies and rather than report the American media sits the sidelines and cheers them on.

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Anonymous said...

It's easy. They want to show off the illusion that the people protesting are not only racist, but also a violent threat. They can partially pull this off because the Pathetic Pawns have been labeling anything not in sync with the Left as "backward" and "racist" for decades. It all fits into stereotypes that they created long ago for occasions such as this. Up is down. We've reached a point where the truth is just about always 180 degrees away from whatever the Elites say it is.