Monday, March 22, 2010

Implement the Health Care Bill Immediately

One sure fire way to keep this debate going and kill the Democrat's plan is to have companies implement the bill immediately. Drop every employer provided health care plan pay the $750 and tell the Government to have at it. Businesses can kill the bill before it even has a chance to be implemented. The unions will demand the repeal when they learn their employees no longer have employer provided health benefits. The Government has no possible way to pay for this should employers opt to pay the fine and drop the insurance.

Sure the unions would strike, but hey the economy is already down what's a few more unemployed. Businesses that are the backbone of the economy should just shut their doors. Close down and stop ordering inventory and supplies. What is needed in America is a tax revolt. Stop offering services, close your doors, and generate no taxable income. We the people have a chance and can shut the government down.

I know this goes against the business philosophy. But just think what businesses could do to the economy in just a week or two. Boycott the government and show the Democrats that tyranny will never take root in this great country. Make a date and rally your fellow small businesses. Shut down for a week especially right around tax day. Bring the economy to its knees in a concerted and planned event. Just close your doors and have a tax holiday until the government backs down and submits to the will of the people.

The economy is already frail. On the verge of collapse, all that is needed is a simple catalyst. If every conservative owned small business in America were to shut their doors for just a week or maybe two how long do you believe the Democrats could last? No politician would survive the wreckage that they themselves created. Just implement the bill.

Again just drop the employer provided benefits and drop them as soon as the bill is signed. Let the unions strike and take it to the courts. Lock the doors and offer the jobs to non union unemployed. The way the economy is right now many would be more than willing to cross the picket lines. Break the unions and break the tyranny. Wake the people up and show them the error of the Democrats way. Don't get violent, don't call names, just stand up and lock the doors to any employee demanding employer health care. Pay the $750 fine per employee and bring the government around to the line of thinking of the people.

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Anonymous said...

Give 'em the John Galt treatment!